Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

(am I gonna get sued by the NFL for that?)

Originally, I was going to have to deliver pizza for the Super Bowl, but it turned out that I wasn't needed. So I took advantage of the rare off day to sleep in a bit, go to the Grotto of Lourdes for Mass, sleep a bit more, and then join my mom and dad to watch the game on their new HDTV. It's only 19 inches, the size of the new monitor that I have, but it was still impressive.

My dad and I were able to overlook the hype by watching the exciting finish of the FBR Open not far from the Super Bowl, where J.B. Holmes made consecutive birdies on the 18th hole to beat Phil Mickelson in sudden death. This guy Holmes can crush a ball off the tee.

The golf ended just in time for the National Anthem and coin flip.

We were all rooting for the Gi'nts, and we weren't disappointed with the outcome; what a thrilling game and a huge upset for the G-Men! I cannot believe how much my septuagenarian mother gets into the game: "Oooh, get him! C'mon, guys! Go, go . . . oh, no!" I guess she feels a little less restrained now that we kids are older.

We nixed the Tom Petty halftime show and watched an episode of The Bob Newhart Show instead (see separate post). The timing again was perfect, with the show finishing just before the second-half kickoff. Dad appreciated being able to follow along with the use of the Newhart DVD's subtitles.


bigbro said...

The '72 Dolphins are popping the champagne corks. They won me a whole quarter off of Dad when they beat the Redskins. You could actually get something for it, too. I was happy that the Giants won and thought the Pats might be in for it after the Giant's D was in Brady's face after the Pats' first play on offense.

Cygnus said...

Hey, Bigbro: How were you and your brood affected by all the SB hoo-ha?