Monday, February 04, 2008

Fred Barnes, Neo-Elitist

I'm so done with Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard, Fox News, and the McLaughlin Group.

First, he told us conservatives to shut up and accept shamnesty for illegals.

Now, he's telling us conservatives to shut up and accept John McCain as the Anointed GOP Nominee. After all, it's His Turn and he's a Great American Hero (hello, 1996, anyone?).

Look, we conservatives don't believe McCain when he says he's strong on border security. And if he's so pro-life, why did he sponsor unconstitutional legislation (McCain-Feingold) that took the voice of pro-life groups out of the campaign process?

Like other GOP elites, Barnes excoriates what he calls "the talk-radio Mafia" for ripping McCain as much as it has. But what else are we who don't want McCain forced on us supposed to do? In fact, the more that Barnes and his ilk try to foist McCain on us, the more I resist.

What Barnes and others don't understand is that we conservatives are very unhappy with the state of play in the campaign. We want a Reagan. We don't have a Reagan, but does that mean we're wrong for wanting one? To Barnes and others, the answer is yes. Why is it so wrong to say that this lot of candidates isn't who we want? (BTW, didn't you used to be Rudy Giuliani?)

I only wish Mike Huckabee wasn't such an ignoramus on foreign policy, or I'd support him. He'd be a President that the Barneses of the world couldn't suck up to and have influence over.

That, I think, is why Barnes is so upset. He can't influence talk radio, the voice of the average citizen. He can allow very few letters to be published in the Weekly Standard, a magazine that I've subscribed to for the past 10 years. I might have to rethink my subscription.

And so help me, I'll sit out this election if McCain is the nominee. Then, if Clinton or Obama win, who has to grow up? I nominate Fred Barnes.