Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't Call It Rape

The term "rape" has been tossed around so much in recent years as to become devoid of its meaning. Thus I appreciate Heather MacDonald's nuking of the college-campus "all men are potential rapists" crusade: The Campus Rape Myth (HT: the ravishing MM).

I even remember at my college a few women crowing about "losing their right to walk the streets at night" (no, not in the pejorative sense). I submit, as does MacDonald, that such a perceived loss of a right occurred about the same time as women wanted no-consequence, promiscuous sex and did nothing to discourage men from exploiting them. (I think true feminism should have encouraged abstinence from both sexes, but I guess that didn't fit the feminist mantra.)

Let's get one thing straight: Rape is a horrible crime of violence, there's no place for it in society, and the perpetrators deserve appropriate punishment to the fullest extent of the law. Does rape happen? Yes. Do I know rape victims? Yes.

But let's stop creating it where it doesn't exist. Was there all sorts of hanky-panky going on behind closed doors at my college? Certainly, and sadly so for a Catholic Jesuit institution. But, along with MacDonald, I cannot believe that hundreds of women at my school were "raped."