Monday, February 25, 2008

Catholics slip to #2

I am so not surprised by this:

Evangelicals Outnumber Catholics

While one in three Americans are raised Roman Catholic, one in four adults describe themselves as such, a loss of 10 percent despite the huge numbers of Hispanic Catholic immigrants swelling American churches, survey researchers said.

Those who leave either drop out of church entirely or join Pentecostal or evangelical Protestant churches, Pew Forum director Luis Lugo said.

One out of every 10 evangelicals is a former Catholic, he said. Hispanic Catholics are leaving at higher rates; 20 percent of them end up in evangelical or Pentecostal churches.

"It's a desire for a closer experience of God," he said. "It's not so much disenchantment with the teachings of the Catholic Church but the pull of what they see in pentecostalism."
I fully believe the reason is the watering down of Catholic liturgy in the wake of Vatican II and the loss of mysticism in the Church, the de-emphasis of the Sacraments, and the averse reaction to spirituality that isn't so emotion-based (been there, done that). One way in which the Church would agree with Rick Warren is that It's Not About Us. But if you go to most Catholic churches today, you'll see that It's All About Us.

That's why I've become more of a traditionalist Catholic, and believe that the Church needs a major overhaul. But I believe His Holiness Benedict XVI is definitely part of that solution, and Catholicism will once again have something more to offer souls than merely "sharing a meal."


paramedicgirl said...

Well, Cardinal Ratzinger did say the Church would get smaller...

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

I tend to agree with you. As long as the Catholic Church's Mass is going to be Protestant, we may as well do *that* well. (insert eye roll here.)

Instead, perhaps we should do Catholicism well.