Friday, January 25, 2008

What a bunch of losers

Oh. My. Heck.

I just looked at the various pages of those seeking the GOP nomination for the 6th District Congressional seat in Maryland, and I cannot believe this bunch of morons trying to unseat octogenarian Roscoe Bartlett. He once said he'd only serve three terms in Congress; how's that working out? Most of the time, I like Bartlett, but he's got to retire. When he speaks, he sounds like he has a perpetual need to clear his throat.

Here are your soon-to-be also-rans:

Tom Croft says he'll only vote what his constituents say via the Internet, even if it goes against his principles. Stand for nothing, and you'll fall for anything. Next.

Joe Krysztoforski opposes the war in Iraq and is pro-death in the womb. Next.

John Kimble
is anti-illegal immigrant and a gun rights advocate, but he's also a trial lawyer and ACLU member and supports "gay marriage." Next.

And one-time Cumberland mayor Frank Nethken, who says he was told by the Lord to run, has dropped out and moved to Arizona. I may vote for him anyway; he's still on the ballot.

Hey, Democrats, I think you have a good shot at picking up this seat and making this state an even deeper shade of blue than it already is. Andrew Duck came mighty close last time, and as long as he holds off former Frederick mayor Jennifer Dougherty, he could find himself in Washington next winter.


Bill said...

I agree with you when it comes to 3 out of 4 Republicans

You may want to check you facts. Frank, the ex Mayor of Cumberland is still in the race. He took part in two forums over the last two weeks and has not formally withdraw.

However, if you truly reviewed Joe Krysztoforski's website you would not find a reference to him being pro death in the womb. He does not oppose the war in. Iraq, just a prolonged large scale involvement by the US. He favors the establishment of a task driven plan with measurable goals calling for the replacement of the majority of US troops with new coalition forces under US leadership. Joe Krysztoforski is the only real Republican candidate to oppose Roscoe.

As for Mr. Duck, he is a switch hitter and changes his position on the issues more often than not and has adopted others positions for his own. His only goal is to represent his interest and his interest alone. This is nothing more than an ego trip for Mr. Duck. Robin or Jennifer would be a much better choice for the Democratics.

Cygnus said...

Nethken Drops Out Of Congressional Race

Joe K has a section for "A Woman's Right to Choose," which means he supports abortion. Plain and simple.

And his position on the war in Iraq could just as easily been written by Dick Durbin or John Murtha.

Appreciate your dropping by, Bill, but Joe K is no conservative in my book.