Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is worth celebrating?

In the latest example of Nanny State-ism, Maryland goes smoke-free in public places (read: restaurants and bars) starting Friday, and the Frederick County Health Department is celebrating.

What's to celebrate?

Why can't individual businesses decide if they want to cater to smokers or non-smokers, and leave the decision up to the one who can decide the best: the consumer? Because that wouldn't redistribute funds to groups like the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Smoke-Free Maryland Coalition, etc. (Keep telling yourself that money isn't part of this.)

Oh, and by the way, tobacco taxes in this state are among the highest in the nation. Annapolis is still banking on people to smoke while banning smoking incrementally, because it doesn't want to ban it outright.

I wish I could afford to be at Morton's in Baltimore this Thursday night for the "Last Hurrah" cigar party. Oh, what a threat these refined cigar aficionados pose to public health.

You can come get the cigar I smoke at weddings when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. And I think Annapolis would consider that arrangement if I could be taxed for it.

My previous rant on the subject here.


Anonymous said...

That "cigar you smoke at weddings" must be pretty old(and stale) by now. And how long was it when you first started smoking it at weddings?


Big Sis said...

Hey Cyg,
I hear you about not needing "laws" to restrict tobacco use in restaurants. We've been smokeless in Connecticut public places for a couple years now, and I must say, it's rather nice (for us non-smokers!) No longer will you be asked, "Smoking or non?" when you are seated at a restaurant. Nor do I worry that I'll be seated to closely to the smoking section having to endure whiffs of the stuff.
Of course there are a few hold outs..neighborhood bars which "allow" smoking as long as the usual crowd prevails.
On your older post, you suggest running tobacco underground as marijuana. I'm not so sure that'd work either. We'd be importing the stuff from Central America and getting top dollar on the streets for a bag o' fags. I'm quite sure that many politicians "benefit" from avoiding the drug smuggling issue.
Limiting the numbers of places that smokers can light up has had a positive impact on many puffers I know. They smoke less and are now even turning to aids such as Chantix to try to quit....with success I might add! And I'm all for folks getting out from under the addictive powers of nicotine and embracing a healthier life-style.
Stay away from the cigars even at weddings. The only thing they're good for is keeping mosquitoes (and most female homo-sapiens) away.

Cygnus said...

Stay away from the cigars even at weddings. The only thing they're good for is keeping mosquitoes (and most female homo-sapiens) away.

And your point being? :-D

Hey, I'm no tobacco advocate, and I'm glad that many who we know have kicked the habit, especially my FIL. I'm just tired of the government bringing it about For Our Own Good.

But I appreciate your comments! And get well soon. #hug#