Tuesday, January 29, 2008

System Sounds

Thanks to Ladycub, I've been back on my new and improved computer for a little more than a week now. It's a AMD Athlon 64 2.0 GHz dual processor with 2 GB of memory, a nice 320 GB hard drive, and a fast DVD player/burner. And we Ladycub built it ourselves herself. There was a little problem when I realized that the sound card wasn't really equipped to handle digital speakers that weren't part of a wider home entertainment system, but switching to a set of analog speakers (thank you, Freecycle!) took care of that.

I was shopping for some sounds to replace the usual ones with Windows. There's plenty of sites where you can find them; just do a search on "system sounds," "startup (or shutdown) sounds," "mail sounds," etc. Actually, any sound file with a .wav ending (for Windows) will do. Might want to edit them down to size where necessary with a sound editing program like Audacity.

So now, here's the lineup, with links where appropriate:

Startup: The theme from The Amazing Race (edited, and since it was an MP3 file, I had to re-record it as a WAV).
Shutdown: Bob Barker's Price Is Right signoff. (I'm probably going to change that to something to do with Animaniacs.)
Mail: Big Ben's (not Toothlessberger, thank you) chime.
Asterisk: Rimshot.
Exclamation: Pac-Man dying (although I copied mine direct from the Microsoft Arcade game, so it's a bit cleaner).

and my favorite:

Critical Stop: The Price Is Right sound when you lose.

What unique sounds do you have on your computer?


Puffy said...

I don't have any special sounds on mine; just the usual. I know that I can change them if I want. Yours sound great!

Cygnus said...

Thanks, Puffy!

I figured you might like the TPIR ones (I fixed the losing sound link, BTW).

For why Puffy might like the TPIR sounds, check here.