Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anyone For Some Haugen-Haas Ice Cream?

(H/T to The Curt Jester for this title.)

We usually don't go to 11 AM Mass, but we did today. The visiting priest gave a great homily, saying (paraphrased) that whatever we worry about going to sleep, and whatever we think about when waking up, that is our god.

Wow. My mind goes 47 different directions when I sleep at night. I can stand to do much better in this regard.

The downside of this Mass was the song selection. It was just about all Marty Haugen and David Haas, including "Gather Us In" (Worst. Opening. Song. Ever.), "We Are Many Parts" for the Eucharist, and "We Are Called" for the recessional. Yep, Mass is All About Us. Thank you, GIA, OCP, and "We Are Church." I dread the impending rollout of Tom Conry's heretical "Ashes" in a couple weeks when Ash Wednesday arrives early.

I used to sing and play this campfire-written drivel and stuff like it (Conry, Cooney, Schutte, Dufford, Farrell, etc.) regularly at Mass. I now regret ever doing so. And now I have another reason not to be a cantor; I won't lead the congregation in any music of this sort.

I don't blame the music ministry at my or any other church; they just don't know any better because the GIA-OCP (motto: "TLM Died And Left Us Boss") cabal has music and liturgical ministers everywhere convinced that Haugen, Haas, et al. are all there is. If I walk into Mass and hear "O Holy Name", I think I'll pass out.

But I must remember and draw hope from the refrain of that song:

Fierce is the fight
For God and the right
Sweet name of Jesus
In Thee is our might.


C. said...

When my mother passed, we asked for traditional songs for her funeral..the musician thought like "Yaweh, I know you are Here"....I said no, like "The Strife is Over"...the look of horror...but she sang/played what we asked for. I personally attend out 7 AM Mass because there is no music to cringe over and distract me.

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

I totally concur, Cyg!

Sometimes I think we need more "musicians masses"--ones *without* music!

C--We sang The Strife is O're for my dad's funeral.

Anita Moore said...

Eeeeewwwww...we got "Gather Us In" on Sunday, too. Blech!

Here's another one for your File of Horrors: Gregorian Chant Mass parts with strummed guitar accompaniment. (I think the purpose of this is to confuse people to the point where they can't chant the Mass parts, thereby ultimately creating an excuse to quit doing them.)

Cygnus said...

Anita, that's exactly what the "folk group" was practicing for come Lent: the Latin responses with guitar accompaniment. *eyeroll*

Fortunately, there's still the Grotto of Lourdes at Mount St. Mary's University, the closest thing we have to TLM around here. The Mass parts are in Latin chant. :-D

Anita Moore said...

Cygnus, it's amazing how little the trained musicians understand Chant and what it's all about. And a lot of times, because they're trained, you can't tell them anything!

Cygnus said...

C: I just remembered that the guys in Lamb of God often used to sing, "Yahweh, I know you drink beer . . ."