Sunday, December 16, 2007

You? Have GOT to be kidding me.

In the words of Daffy Duck, "I DEMAND that you shoot me now!"

The Ravens give the Dolphins their first win of the year, 22-16 in OT.

Because Brian Billick wouldn't run it in from the 1, when Willis McGahee and company had succeeded in running the ball down Miami's throats. Not to mention that rookie QB Troy Smith had a boatload of rushing TDs in college. (Naked bootleg, anyone?)

Because the Ravens won the toss and elected to receive, rather than take the wind.

Because we are a miserable team.

Oh, well, wait 'til (insert year here). But don't worry; whatever year it is, Billick will still be the head coach.


Debcapsfan said...

:( I know what it's like to have a team that stinks. But my Caps are now 7-4-2 under the new coach.