Monday, December 31, 2007

Yet Another Reason Why I Will Never Be A SysAdmin

After running some media-intensive programs on my puter, one a DVD program to create a disk for my dad, the other a dubbing of a vinyl LP, I decided that I needed more memory. I checked and saw that I had only 512MB, which was state of the art when I bought it (January 2001).

So I was looking up memory sticks for the upgrade process. When I saw what might have been appropriate, I unplugged the computer and pulled one of the current sticks out. I later replaced it, but LC wasn't so sure I had the right type. So I pulled the stick out again.

WITHOUT unplugging the computer.

The result? A fried motherboard. Now we have to get me a new puter. Mine was 7 years old, so it gave me a good run.

I'll continue regular posting after I'm hooked back up.

(I started the post when this actually happened. The puter hung on for a couple more days before completely going TANGO UNIFORM. Hence the earlier date.)


Silvergirl said...

Sorry to hear about your puter. It's awful when something happens to our little workhorses. We have bought quite a few items from Tiger Direct. Most of them have been okay. DH wanted a wireless mouse, and it doesn't work, and I didn't send it back in on time. Too much to do during the holidays (Christmas 2005, not this past Christmas).

I've been quite happy with my Acer laptop for $399 from TD, though. We did have several rebates, and we had to be diligent about that.