Monday, December 03, 2007

Late Thanksgiving Report

I was fortunate to at least have Thanksgiving Day off this year, although I had to work both Wednesday and Friday evening on either side. The downside to that was that I really wanted to go to my high school homecoming bull roast on Wednesday night; I've never been able to make it before.

On Thanksgiving morning, LC and I went to M&T Bank Stadium to take in the annual Turkey Bowl between the Jesuit Loyola High (my aforementioned alma mater) and the Christian Brothers' Calvert Hall College (High, that is). Both are all-boys' institutions. About 15,000 people filed into M&T, a stadium that can hold 71,000 for a Baltimore Ravens game.

The day was sunny and surprisingly warm, with temperatures pushing 70. It didn't take Loyola long to make their presence felt: the Dons' first play from scrimmage was a long pass for a touchdown. From then on, Loyola rolled on to a satisfying 33-10 victory.

Actually, Calvert Hall didn't play as badly as the score might suggest; the Cardinals were able to run against the Dons fairly consistently, but the Loyola secondary shut down the Cards' passing attack. And the Hall failed to convert a couple of deep drives into any points, turning the ball over on downs. It was a satisfying win, considering that Loyola lost to the Hall all four years when I was there. I thought Ravens coach Brian Billick could learn a thing or two from Loyola's play-calling.

During halftime, I wandered around the concourse, seeing if I would run into any alumni that I knew. But I would have had to know what they looked like first, not having seen them in years. I also met quite a few Calvert Hall alums in college. On the concourse, I had to dodge large groups of high school kids for some reason. I guess I never will get that girls going to the bathroom in groups thing; I sure didn't when I was in high school!

From there, we headed back to the west side of town to my 'rents for a small but delicious Thanksgiving dinner. It was just the the two of them, my youngest brother, and us. Afterward, we returned downtown to my brother and sister-in-law's house (not far from M&T) where we had dessert with her family whom had driven down from Buffalo. (I regaled you with stories of their wedding back in September.)

On Sunday, we welcomed our friend Kimberly to our abode and took in the many joys of the Maryland Christmas Show. As she reported, Kimberly got quite a bit of her Christmas shopping done. We bought a few things, mostly food related; I'm a sucker for Kettle Korn and Wilbur Buds. Afterward, we split a pizza while watching the Ravens lose to Sandy Eggo.

All in all, a very nice Thanksgiving.