Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jingle Bells and Mannheim Steamroller

On the way home from a party, we listened to the third Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD, Christmas In The Aire. We both concluded that the lullaby-esque song that ends the album is a pretty song, but it bears no resemblance to its title . . . "Jingle Bells" (excerpt). In fact, by the time of this third album, Mannheim had become a bit formulaic. Rocking first song, quiet second one, bouncy, key-of-G third or fourth one, etc.

Still, I'm a fan of the first two Mannheim CDs. What's your opinion of Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas music?

Anyway, regarding "Jingle Bells," no one explains its proper place quite like Lucy and Schroeder:

Ah, may God rest Charles Schulz' soul.


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Silent Night is my favorite. I first heard it in college, a guy fixed dinner for me, and then played the song for me on his stereo. Hearing the bells cross the sky in "Stereo". It was awesome. I didn't marry "him", but I'll never forget the experience. I later saw/listened to Mannheim Steamroller here in Phx a few years later - that was also cool. Don't think I could afford the tickets nowadays..

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

I like Manheim Steamroller. I don't think I've heard their latest CD, though. I'm really liking Trans Siberian Orchestra these days.

I've been thinking of Charles Schulz lately too. I got dh the 3 CD set that includes the sound track to the Peanut's Christmas special. Best jazz ever.