Saturday, December 08, 2007

Brought to you by . . .

I hate to do this, but since I'm hard up for money, I need to take this post to thank my sponsors:

  • Two Guys
  • Montgomery Ward
  • Seidel's Bowling Center
  • Haussner's Restaurant
  • Bradlees
  • Ames
  • Pantry Pride
  • Burger Chef ("Incrediburgible!")
  • Gino's
  • Hutzler's
  • Leedmark
  • Read's Drugs
  • Pappy's
  • Gwynn Oak Amusement Park
  • The Enchanted Forest
  • Caldor
  • Peoples Drug Stores
  • Chi-Chi's
  • Thrifty Drug
  • Edmondson Drive-In
  • The Dan-Dee Restaurant
  • Plymouth
  • Stewart's
  • Font Hill Golf Course
  • Equitable Bank
  • Dart Drug
  • The Gettysburg Battlefield Tower
  • Farrell's
  • Golden Ring Mall
  • Hochschild Kohn
  • Crown Central Petroleum
  • The Baltimore Skipjacks
  • Epsteins
  • Korvettes
  • G.C. Murphy
  • Big Valu Supermarkets
  • Toy Barn
Thank you all for your support over the past year or so. Anyone I forgot?


C. said...

soon - Blob's Park

Cygnus said...

Oh, I know.



Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Its amazing how many businesses no longer exist. I'll admit I don't mourn the Gettysburg tower though.

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Oh, Lifeisgreat and I have some more for you:

*Gem* stores


big Sis said...

Hochschild Kohn's
Vilma Bowling Lanes
Vilma Theater
Blue Bowl Bakery
Hall Springs (is that still in operation?)

C said...

Westview Cinemas

Cygnus said...

Dymphna: I don't remember Gem, and have only a vague recollection of Cooks. And of course, the Colts are gone but never forgotten (John Unitas has as much to do with Peyton Manning as Paris Hilton has to do with Mother Angelica).

Sis: I can't believe I forgot Hammerjacks! LC and I were talking about that while we walked to the Turkey Day game; I think the one parking lot under I-395 is right where Hammerjacks used to be. RIght about the Vilma Lanes and the Vilma Bakery, and of course the Blue Bowl (I had nothing to do with the ovens blowing up!).

C: I recall taking my last GF before LC to the Westview Cinemas to see Wayne's World. It's now either a Staples or an Office Despot.

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

"John Unitas has as much to do with Peyton Manning as Paris Hilton has to do with Mother Angelica"


Also, what about A&P? They're gone too, aren't they?

Cygnus said...

I didn't include A&P as such because I believe some A&P's still exist in New Jersey, and otherwise they morphed into Super Fresh (really, Super Pricey).

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Well, its good to know that A&P's exist somewhere!

Oh, I thought of another one yesterday--Hess shoes. My mom wouldn't buy us shoes anywhere else growing up.

There used to be a credit card with all the Baltimore "H" stores on it: Hecht's Hochschild's and Hess.

Anonymous said...

-Hecht's (which are all Macy's now)
-ESSO gas stations (now Exxon I think..not sure but elsewhere some might still be called ESSO)
-The Westview Lounge
-The Father's Gay Nineties
-Luskins (The Jack Luskin the cheapest guy in town in more then one way)
-Elkridge Drive-In (in the process of becoming a housing development)

Anonymous said...

- Memco
- Fair Lanes Rolling Road
- Fair Lanes Randallstown
- Colt Lanes Woodlawn
- Pops Toys (Rolling Rd & Rt 40)
- Drink Me Pop
- Amateur Radio in Hampden
- Hot Shoppes & Hot Shoppes Jr
- White Coffee Pot & White Coffee Pot Jr
- Circle Bar-B-Q Drive-In
- Sav-On Gas
- Howard Johnsons Motor Lodge - Catonsville
- Champs Drive-In Restaurant
- Pikesville Mini-Flick

Cygnus said...

Thanks to bigsis and an e-mail whose authorship was lost long ago to the Internet, here's a whole mess of others. There are sure to be dupes and misspellings, and at least a few of these places still exist (Beaver Dam, Bengies, Cascade Lake, and Cloverland, for four).

"One Spot" Flea Killer ---Dog-shaped bldg on route #1

100 Pharmacy on University Parkway

AD Anderson Chevrolet
A&P Food Chain
A&R motors
A&W Hot Shoppes
Abe Sherman's News Stand on Park Avenue
Abramowitz Caterers
Action Ford
Alcazar Ballroom
Ambassador Theater
Ameche's Restuarants
American Beer
Amy Joy Donuts
Andre's beauty shop
Archway Ford
Arlington Elementary
Arrow Beer
AS Beck Shoes
Artison shop
Arundel Ice Cream Co
Avalon Pool Room
Avalon Theater

B & O RR station
Bachrach-Raisin Sorting Goods
Bagby Furniture Company
Baltimore Bullets
Baltimore Claws
Baltimore Clippers
Baltimore Coliseum
Baltimore Colts
Baltimore Jewelry
Baltimore News American
Baltimore Skipjacks
Baltimore Stallions
Bars Grocery
Bay Ridge Summer Resort
Bay Shore Summer Resort
Bealls Ford
Bears Den on Greenmount Avenue
Beaver Dam Swim Club
Beaver Springs Swim Club (Cockeysville)
Becker's Men's Shop on Greenmount Avenue
Becky's Bridal Shop
Beef Inn
Behrend Ford
Belvedere Loop
Ben Franklin 5&10
Berger Motors Oldsmobile
Bengies Drive-in
Bennie's Pool Room
Benton's Clothing
Bernie Lee's Penn Hotel
Best & Co.
Bethlehem Steel
Bethlehem Steel Drydocks
Bill Pellington's Iron Horse Restaurant
Biltmore Hotel
Black Aggie at Druid Ridge Cemetery
Blaze Starr's 2 O'clock club
Block Ball @ City College @ Lunch
Bluefeld's Caterers
Boarman Cafe
Bond Clothes
Bonnie View Country Club
Bonnies Pizza
Boxwood Motel
Brager Guttman Department Store
Brandaus Men's Shoppe at 33rd and Greenmount
Bud Schmidt Buick
Brentwood Inn
Brookfield Pharmacy
Buddy Deane Show
Bugatch furniture
Bugle Field
Bus Route 22 (Crosstown to City and Memorial Stadium)
Butler Aircraft
Bum Steer (clothing store on Read Street)

C & P Telephone Co
Cahill Recreation Center
Calby's Mens Store
Calvert Reserve Distillery
Camp Cresmont
Canterbury Shop
Carlin's Drive-in
Carlins Park
Carmens Beauty Shop
Carousel Bar
Casa Del Oro Jewelers
Cascade Lake
Castleberg's Jewlery
Celebrity Nightclub
Century Theater
Chanticleer night club
Charge-it of Baltimore
Charles Antel Hair Products
Charlie Rudo Sporting Goods
Chesapeake Restaurant
Chestnut Ridge Hall
China Clipper Restaurant
Clay Florist
Clay Tennis Courts in Druid Hill Park (and Clifton Park --Cyg)
Cloverland Diary
Colonial Hardward
Club Charles
Club Venus
Comedy Club on Pennsylvania Avenue
Coopers Deli
Connnolly's Restuarant
Corman & Wasserman Mfg.
Country Club Malt Liquor
Cowens Clothing Store
Crest Theater
Cross Country Clothes
Crown 5&10
Crown Gas Stations
Curtis Wright Airport
Cy Bloom's Place in The Alley

Dacks 5 & 10
Dad & Lad Clothing
Dahne Electrical Co
Dairy Cottage
Dahne & Weinstein Jewelers
Danny's Restaurant
Dantes (Liberty Rd)
Dantzic Shoes
Davids Jewelers
Davis Hardware
Debra Barry
Delivery of Baltimore
Den & Sleep Shop
Dickman's Restuarant
Dixie - Baltimore Colts Mascot Horse
Dixie Ballroom at Gwynn Oak Park
Dobreiner & Martin Bakeries
Dolfield Pharmacy
Dominick's Pizza on Reisterstown Rd
Duanes Bakery
Dubonnet Room
Duke & Lou's Deli

E.J. Korvette
Eager House Restaurant
Eckles Ice Cream
Edison High
Edmonson Drive-In Movie
Elite Giants Baseball Team
Ella Samuelsons
Elmers Bar
Embros Wine
Emerson's Farm for ice cream
Emerson Hotel
Epsteins Dept Stores
Equitable Trust Bank
Etta's Gowns
Eutaw Place Temple
Evening Sun
Ezrine Tires

Fair Lanes Bowling on Howard Street - 7 floors (Fair Lanes Bowling anywhere) --Cyg
Fanny Scheindler Clothing
Father and Son Clothing Chop
Fedders Pharmacy
Ferry to Tolchester
Fiola Blum Realty
Fish Laundry
Five Mile House
Five West Theater
Food Fair
Forest Inn
Forest Manor
Forest Park Bowling Alley
Forest Theater
Four Besche Brothers Furniture
Frank Bernstein Law Firm
Frank Leonard University Shop
Franklin Simon Dept Store
Frances Berman
French Shop
Frocks Farm

Gallery 1330
Gambrinus Restaurant
Garrison Jr. High
Gaslamp Club
Gayety Show Bar
Geffreys Ski Hut
General Motors Plant
Ginos Restaurants
Glenn L. Martin Company
Globe Venetian Blinds
Globus Restuarant
Glydon pool
Goldberg Deli
Golden Plough Restaurant
Gompbrecht & Benesch
Good Humor Ice Cream Trucks
Gordons Crab House
Govenors Club
Grab A Bag
Grand Rapids Furniture
Greenspring Dairy
Gunther Beer
Gwynn Theater
Gwynn Oak Amusement Park

Handbag Place
Hannas Linens
Haas Tailoring
Hamburger's Men's Clothing
Hamm's Beer
Hannah Tabor Realty
Harley's Subs
Harre the Photograher
Harvey House Restaurant
Harveys Restaurant at Greenspring
Hasslinger Restaurant
Hecht Co
Helen Lee Shop
Hendler's Ice Cream
Hendler's Mansion on Lake Drive
Henry Kahn (Deli)
Herbert Shop
Hiken's formal wear
Hilltop Bowling alley
Hilltop Diner
Hochchild Kohn Department Stores
Hollins Tavern
Holtzman's Bakery
Hooper's Restaurant on Greenmount
Hot Shoppes
Horn & Horn Cafeteria
Hotel Rennert
Howard Johnsons on Reisterstown Rd & Towson
Howard Luggage
Hughes Lumber
Hutzler Brothers
Hutzler's Quixie Restaurant
Hutzler's Tea Room
Huntsman Club
Hyatt and Pinson men shop

Ice Cream Farm
Isacc Davidson Hebrew School
Irv Satren's "Galley in the Alley"

Jack & Jill Ice Cream Trucks
Jack Lewis Funeral Home
Jennette Davis (womens clothing)
Jerry Gerry - florist
Jerry Gilden
Jesse Benesch
Jimmy Dukes Driving Range
Joe Grimm Ford
John Simms
Johnny Unitas's Golden Arm
Julius Gutman Clothing
Karsons Inn
Kavanaugh's Mens store
Kellys Pharmacy
Keith Theater
Kesslers Deli
Kirson Drugs
Knocko's Pool Room
Knox's Ice Cream Loch Raven & Taylor
Koontz's Dairy
Kovens Furniture
Kravitz Shoes
Kresges 5&10
Krome Optical

Lambros Drug Store
Lapidies Deli
Larrys Beauty Shop
Lazinski's Deli
Lebow Clothes
Lemon Tree clothes
Lewis Pharmacy
Levin Furniture
Levinson & Klein Furniture Company
Linden Theater
Little Movie Theater
Little Willie's Tavern
Loews Valancia Theater
Lohmeyer Mens Clothing
London Fog
Lou Beckers’s Orchestra
Louis Booke
Lotus Inn
Louise's Pizza
Lucas Brothers
LuMar Mtotors (Lou Cohens dealership)
Lunardi-Central Food Distributors

M. Shavitz Furniture Co.
Mad Man Muntz TV store
Malin Deli
Mandell & Ballow's
Manheimer's Pharmacy
Manor Hill Foods
Maria's in Little Italy
Marlboro Shirt Company
Marshall Motors
Marty's Park Plaza
Martins Bakery
Maryland Drydock
Maryland Distillers
Maryland National bank
May Company
Mayfair Theater
Meadow Gold Ice Cream
Memorial Stadium on 33rd Street
Mercantile Bank
Mercantile Club
Met Theater
Met Bowling
Meyer & Thalheimber Stationery Store
Michaelson Motors
Mi Shan Lo Chinese Testaurant
Mike & Jules Restaurant
Mildred Davis Ladies Shop
Millisons Childrens Clothes
Miller Brothers Clothing
Miller Brothers Restaurant
Mitchell's children clothing
Monroe Bayer
Montgomery Ward
Moore's Grocery Store (Greenspring Avenue in Mt Washington)
Morgan and Millard Pharmacy
Murray's Ice Cream Loch Raven & Taylor
Murray's Show Bar
Myrtle Novey

NAC Credit Card
Naomi Myerson
Nanking Restaurant
Nates & Leons North Avenue
Nates & Leon's Pimlico Hotel
National Bohemian Beer
National Premium Beer
National Stationary Company on Howard St
Nedick's Downtown for Orange Drinks
Needlemans Cleaners
News-Post Paper
North Avenue Market
Northwest Bowling Alleys
Northwest Optimist Club
Northwest Rambler
Northwest Talmud Torah
Norweigan Seamen's Home on Park Avenue

Oasis Bar
Old Court Inn
Old Soldiers Home
Oriole Cafeterias
Oyster Bay

Pachino's Dairy Products
Paine & Merrill Men's Clothing
Painters Mill Theater
Parisers Bakery
Park Circle Chevrolet
Parkway Theater
Paul Bros. Cleaners
Paul’s Delicatessen
Paul's Restaurant
Peabody Book Shop
Peck & Peck Clothing
Penn Bros Cars
Penn Fruit Company
Petach Tikvah Synagogue
Phoenix Club on Eutaw Place
Pierce & Hebner Liquor Distributors
Pikes Theater
Pikesville Hardware
Pikesville Bowling Alley
Pimlico Bowling Alleys
Pimlico Theater
Playboy Club
Playhouse Theater
Pleetway Pajamas
Polan-Katz (umbrella manufactuer)
Pollach-Blum Furniture
Polovoy Cleaners
Poly on North Ave
Pop Kelly
Pops Lunch Wagon
Price's Dairy
Prince Shop Men's Clothing
Pump Room

Rachel Feldstein Realty
Randy Rock Drive Inn
Raymonds Dance Studio
Reads Pharmacy
Reamer's Men's Shop
Reba Phillips Ladies Shop
Red Fox Bar and Lounge
Resisto Ties
Rialto Theater
Rices Bakery
Richman Bros. Hardware
Richman Pharmacy
Robbins Pharmacy
Robert Hall
Roger's Tap Room
Rogers Avenue Synagogue
Romper Room
Rosalie Switzenbaum Realty
Row Boats on Lake in Druid Hill Park
Royal Dunloggin Dairy
RWL Wine & Liquor

S & N Katz Jewelers
Sachs Bros. Drug Store
Sagels Market
Sam Glass
Sam's Barber shop--Liberty Hgts
Samuels Shoes
Sealtest Dairy
Seven Seas
Schloss Bros Clothes
School #18
School #69
School #49 (The newly built Northeast Middle School, which I attended in 1978-79, was School #49. Must be referring to an earlier school with that number. --Cyg)
School # 218
Schantze Theater
Schreter Ties
Seton High School
Seven Pines Druid Lake for sleigh riding
Seven Seas Restuarant
Shadow Stumpers TV Show with Brent Gunts
Shapiro's food market
Shopper's Discount Liquors
Shures Drug Store
Sid Cowen’s Orchestra
Sid Mandell's
Silber's Bakery
Silvia Wilner Clothing
Silver Syrup
Simon Harris
Sinclair Gas Stations
Skillet Restaurant
Slaters Grocery
Smelkinson Bros.
Sol Kirk Men's Shop
Sol Kohns donut shop
Sonias Wedding Gowns
Souris (in Towson)
Southern Hotel
Sports Center on North Avenue
Stadium Lounge on Greenmount
Stanley Theater
Steak & Egg
Stewarts Department Stores
Stofberg Furniture
Stones Bakery
Street Cars (Especially the 32)
Suburban Club soft drink Co. (Almond Smash!) (My Pop-Pop loved their ginger ale. --Cyg)
Summit Country Club
Sun-Ray Drug stores
Surosky's Kosher Meats
Surrey Inn
Sussman & Lev Deli
Sweeney's Tavern
Sylvia Wilner

Tail of the Fox
Taubmans Hardware
T.I. Schwarts Mens Clothing Mfgrs
The Collegians TV Show with T. Oliver Hughes
Thompson's Sea Girt House Restaurant
Tickner's Funeral home
Tillie David
Toddle House Restaurant
Tolchester Amusement Park
Tom Jones Restaurant in Glenmont Towers
Topps Restaurant
Totally Tennis
Tot to Teen
Town House Motel/Resturant
Town Theater
Towson Theater
Track Oval
Trackless Trolleys
Twentieth (20th) Century Auto Radio Co.
Two Guys
Two o’clock Club

Union Trust Bank
Uptown Theater

Valencia Theater (upstairs from the Century Theater)
Varsity Drive-In

Wagners Pharmacy
WAAM Channel 13
Wally Saunders dance studio
Weinberg & Green law firm
Weiners Pharmacy
Weinstein's Grocery store
Weiss Motors
Western Electric Plant
Western Maryland Dairy
White Coffee Pot Restaurants
White Rice Inn
White Tower Restaurants
William Cook Funeral Home
Wilson's Restauant
Wolf Cohen Ladies Shop
Wolfies Restaurant
Woodholme Manor
Woodlawn Pharmacy

Yorkridge S&L

Zaid Interiors
Zentz Pharmacy

Anonymous said...

You can still buy Suburban Club Almond Smash and Ginger Ale at Mars Supermarket.

Anonymous said...

Wow, fantastic list. It's like a time machine or at least a drive down Rt 40. My addition, Sunny's Surplus.

Anonymous said...

Arcade Lanes, Downtown Balto.

Anonymous said...

Arcade Bowling Lanes - Baltimore

Anonymous said...

What about:
15 Below (Timonium MD)
North Ave. Market (Balto., MD)
Love's (Balto., MD)

Anonymous said...

My Dad, Bill Brozey, inducted into the Duckpin Bowling Hall of Fame, owned and operated Arcade Lanes and Pin Path in Baltimore for many years.

Remember Toots Barger?

Patt Strausburg

Amy said...

I'd like to hear reminiscences about the Vilma Theater from Big Sis, or anyone else...
Researching old neighborhood theaters in Baltimore City.

Paul said...

Amy: Might want to check out this Facebook group: