Sunday, December 09, 2007

AIDS Exaggeration? Ya think?

I'm not happy that anyone must die of AIDS or become HIV-positive. I have a friend who has been HIV-positive for going on 20 years, and I have nothing to fear from him; it's a miracle that he's lived so long.

But that doesn't mean that AIDS has not been an overly politicized disease. I believed that when I had my mandatory AIDS Awareness Training with the government, in which I was indoctrinated with the belief that AIDS was a threat to everyone. Thanks to Michael Fumento, I believe it even more strongly.

Arthur Ashe getting a transfusion with HIV-tainted blood? That was a tragedy. So too is the baby born HIV-positive to a mother with AIDS.

HIV-infected people spreading the disease through entirely preventable measures like sharing needles or promiscuous (usually homosexual) sex? That's a shame, not a tragedy. Again, I'm not wishing them ill, but almost no one has to get AIDS. (That includes my friend, BTW.)

And, as Fumento points out, the AIDS hucksters who need the crisis perpetuated so that they can receive funding (which is what this is all about) love to skew the statistics:

For its data, UNAIDS relied heavily on "sentinel-site surveillance" at prenatal clinics. This system was described and faulted six years ago in Rolling Stone magazine. "If a given number of pregnant women are HIV-positive, the formula says, then a certain percentage of all adults and children are presumed to be infected, too." Such an extrapolation from a small non-representative portion of the population to literally the whole world is nonsense.
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Kimberly M., a.k.a. KimberlyKnits said...

Excellent post, Cyggie, and a great piece by Fumento.

If you haven't read Christine Maggiore's outstanding book, What if Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?, you need to as soon as possible. Maggiore knows from whence she speaks: She was diagnosed HIV+, a follow-up test was "inconclusive" but doctors refused to admit that the first test may have been the one that was wrong, and spent years researching AIDS and fighting to reclaim her life. Anyone who hasn't read the book needs to; it will change the way you view AIDS stats forever. For example:

-- What is the number one disease sweeping through the population on the African continent? If you said "AIDS", you're wrong. This book details that there have been 10 times as many malaria cases as AIDS cases, that the number of deaths from basic diseases of poverty and unsanitary conditions outnumber AIDS deaths by a staggering margin, that AIDS is often diagnosed in Africa without the benefit of a blood test from symptoms identical to severe malaria or dysentary, two EXTREMELY common diseases in Africa. The AIDS epidemic in Africa is thoroughly debunked in this book, and its use of real statistics and analysis will shock even the most casual readers.

-- Which sexually transmitted disease had the most reported cases from 1981 to 1996? If you said "AIDS", you're wrong. The book presents in bold graphics the surge of gonorrhea over this time frame. In fact, according to the book, EVERY sexually transmitted disease outnumbered AIDS cases, by substantial margins. Such details as this are laid out in remarkable detail with extensive citations of studies that back them up.

-- Which disease was AZT developed to treat? If you said "AIDS", you're wrong again. AZT was developed as a cancer treatment in the 1960s and was thoroughly rejected because it was so toxic it killed more lab mice than the cancer itself. The book shows a warning label from AZT with graphic details of the drug's carcenogenic, mutagenic, and tetragenic potential and catalogs the horrific side effects of the drug...a drug being prescribed in massive doses to AIDS patients, including children.

Some people have said that Maggiore's book has been debunked by the death of her own daughter. Eliza Jane, Christine's 3 year old daughter (and her second child post-HIV diagnosis), died in 2005 from what was ruled as "AIDS-related pneumonia" by LA County Coroner Dr. James Ribe, despite the overwhelming lack of evidence to support his claim (no positive HIV test, no T-cell analysis, no history of any other AIDS-related illness) and flying in the face of a more probably explanation: Maggiore's daughter did have pneumonia and was taken to the hospital, where they gave her amoxycillin, an antibiotic she'd never had before; within hours, her heart stopped twice and she eventually died of what a well-respected pediatric pathologist determined was a rare but well-known allergic reaction to amoxycillin. Maggiore is in fact suing the Coroner's office (and Dr. Ribe specifically; Ribe has been sued previously by a couple who were sent to jail for the starvation murder of their son; it turned out the child had an underlying medical condition that Ribe did not know about and never bothered to check for) to force the coroner's office to change the cause of death.