Saturday, November 24, 2007

Of Flying Cars, The Environment, And Abortion

How life imitates art.

Ladycub and I just finished watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang again. It's a cute movie that has its moments, but ultimately wastes Sally Ann Howes' beauty and fine singing talent, and even Dick Van Dyke seemed out of place at times. It was based on an Ian Fleming novel for children, and Fleming was already well known for writing the James Bond series of books which Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli had turned into the highly successful movie franchise. So Broccoli hired the Sherman brothers songwriting team from Diz-knee and set out to make a musical version of Chitty. Most of the songs, however, aren't very memorable, with the possible exception of "Posh" (which has nothing to do with Victoria Beckham).

Anyway, one of the eventual plot points of the movie is that inventor Caractacus Potts' (Van Dyke) father (Lionel Jeffries, who was actually younger than Van Dyke) is kidnapped by Baron Bomburst (Bond movie veteran Gert Frobe) of Vulgaria, who mistakenly believes the elder Potts invented the eponymous flying and boating car. When trying to rescue his father, Potts discovers that Vulgaria is devoid of children, all of whom Bomburst has imprisoned via the Child Catcher (Robert Helpmann), who can apparently smell kids with his nose that Bob Hope would have envied. Potts' two children, Jeremy and Jemima, fall prey to the Child Catcher and have to be rescued along with the elder Potts.

My point? We are slouching toward Vulgaria, folks.

We live in a society that does not value children and sees them as an intrusion, a problem to be solved, and in no way a blessing. Sports stars father multiple children by multiple women, but that's okay; they don't have to take care of them. On the other hand, married couples with, say, five or more children are demonized as being selfish, uneconomical, or just plain crazy (I'm one of six myself). And while I am on the one hand grateful that young unwed moms don't abort all their children, way too many see the child(ren) as an impediment to their lifestyle. Hey, if Britney could go clubbing after having two kids, who shouldn't?

And now? Having children threatens the environment (h/t: Michelle Malkin). So children are now reduced to a factor that makes the earth less "carbon-neutral," and those who kill their own babies and sterilize themselves are now heroes. If I were more callous, I'd tell these people to kill themselves instead of their children, but that's not right.

But this is what happens in a post-Christian universe. And the societies that are having many children (partucularly Muslims and illegal immigrant Latinos) know their fertility will have an impact on the future of this world. The population implosion elsewhere in the world is well under way, and Paul Ehrlich's alarmist predictions of a "population explosion" are becoming more discredited by the day.

The message nowadays is clear: Getting pregnant is the absolutely worst thing that can happen to a woman. Tell that to my wife, who is involuntarily infertile. Meanwhile, I thank Bigbro for giving me four of the most wonderful nieces a guy could ask for. I hope he never checks their "carbon footprint."