Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm so done with . . .

(Volume II. Here's Volume I. Apologies to the Czabe.)

I'm so done with hearing about Hannah Montana, as well as the Diz-knee PR machine that decides every so often that EVERYone deserves to know the latest and greatest on the Diz-knee Channel.

I'm so done with Brian Billick and his head-scratching play-calling.

I'm so done with that stoopid robot that Fox has during its football games.

I'm so done with Fox's syndicated The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, which I'm forced to watch while in my office:

First of all, is it a Regis and Kathie Lee clone? Is it hard news, Montel-esque news, or what? It can't decide. And does Mike Jerrick ever comb his hair? Could he get a referral from John "The Breck Girl" Edwards for a barber? He makes Pat Sajak's hairdo look good.

I'm so done with people who finish your sentences for you. (Not that I've ever done that or anything.)

I'm so done with talk radio personalities saying, "Welcome into . . ." when most normal people say "Welcome to . . ."

I'm so done with even pretending to care what Donald Trump has to say.

I'm so done with Dr. Dean Edell. He's lucky to have a radio show.

I'm so done with the Lube Center trying to upsell me on everything, when all I want is a lousy oil change.

I'm so done with women dressing like sluts and then complaining when they get noticed for how they dress. The message they send has nothing to do with the message they intend to send.

I'm so done with prime-time television, save for The Amazing Race and Antiques Roadshow.

I'm so done with the writers' strike, even though I think they're right. It doesn't affect me a whit.

Although I *heart* Laura Ingraham, I'm so done with her breaking up the flow of her show because It's Time To Interview Somebody. She's her own worst enemy. She should just continue when she's on a roll and have fewer guests.

I'm so done with the Olympics, and have been since the 80s.

I'm so done with cell phones that don't allow you to download your contacts. I'm still re-entering mine from when my phone went kaput.

I guess that was my "anti-Thanksgiving list."