Friday, November 09, 2007

Hypocrisy Award Of The Week

I never got into the Sex Pistols, the late '70s punk band from the UK. But it seems that every music critic has, and despite having only ONE album, the band was voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Phlegm Fame a couple years back. Never liking the Establishment, the Sex Pistols boycotted their own induction, citing among other things their hatred of the music industry. (In a way, I see their point: the anonymous illuminati of the RnRHoF have not a clue about who should be in or out; for example, Blondie, Bob Seger, and The Pretenders are in, but Rush, Yes, Genesis, and Deep Purple are all out.)

Fast forward to last month.

Now the Sex Pistols have re-recorded some of their tunes for use in the video game Guitar Hero III. The reason was apparently that their original masters were lost.

Nice to see that these punks are so idealist when it comes to the commercialization of their enshrinement in the RnRHoF (such as that may be), but such ideals go right out the window go right out the window when some dollar (or pound) signs come floating their way for residuals from a video game.

The Sex Pistols may want anarchy, but only as long as it doesn't affect their bank account. Hypocrites. Posers.