Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bombs and Bathrooms

Yesterday, when I pulled into the downtown Silver Spring garage where I usually park for work, I noticed that a few of Montgomery County's finest had pulled up near the entrance. I saw a few of them walking downstairs into the lower level where I parked.

Turns out there was a bomb scare in the garage. Apparently, officers had found a vehicle with what at least appeared to be a bomb in the back; the report was of a gasoline can with wires around it. The street and garage were later blocked off for about an hour and a half, then reopened. I guess nothing became of it, and I've seen nothing about it reported in the news.

After I parked, I met my boss in the street; he had just finished his shift in our 9th-floor office. He informed me that he took one of his numerous bathroom breaks (he drinks a LOT of coffee) and heard someone say, "Shhhh." Sure enough, he looked underneath the stalls and saw four feet in one of them, two of which were in socks.

I thought that sort of thing only happened in mall or airport toilets (Larry Craig, call your office), but my boss informed me that the afternoon producer had walked in on a similar tryst some months ago. Ew. Just ew. Whether it was two men or a man and a woman, just go do that somewhere else!