Thursday, October 04, 2007

With a church like this . . . who needs hell?

The Church of Perpetual Anger "Westboro Baptist Church" (if you can stomach their website, you're far better than I) will be in Frederick this weekend to spew its collective vitriol at St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church and All Saints' Episcopal Church. Story. This will be only steps away from thousands of folks reveling at Frederick's annual (and most enjoyable) "In The Street" festival. The next day, the "church" plans to "picket" the annual ceremony for fallen firefighters at the National Fire Training Academy in Emmitsburg.

The "church" seems to consist of Fred Phelps and his extended family, all of whom have a major-league ax to grind against homosexuals. While I disagree with the homosexual activist agenda, see the homosexual act as sick and disordered, and do not support "gay marriage," I have no desire whatsoever to do any homosexuals harm as Phelps and his minions do. Only Westboro could get homosexual activists and social/political conservatives on the same side. And yet, they WANT onlookers to be upset with them, even to the point of provoking assault so that they can sue (h/t: Arthur).

So maybe we'll go to Mass to show that they can't stop us, but otherwise ignore them and not give them the satisfaction. Ultimately, I feel really sorry for them, and pray that the Holy Spirit would touch their hearts and heal them of their ills, and help me to have the proper compassion for them.


Debcapsfan said...

I'm assuming they are protesting outside of where the firefighters are because Bush will be there? What a group of disgusting people. It's disgraceful that they would make you hesitate about going to your church. Sheesh.

Cygnus said...

It could be Bush, or in some twisted way, they feel that these firefighters deserved to die somehow. I have no idea.

I really appreciate your comment, Deb, especially since the topic of homosexuality is one where we don't see eye to eye. That being said, I meant it when I told my one friend that I would be the first to stand up for him if anyone attacked him solely because he was homosexual.

The same goes for Alderman Kip Koontz, who is referred to in the report. Politically, we don't agree on a dang thing, but he's actually a very nice guy with some passionate opinions.

Kind of like . . . um . . . me. :-)

Anita Moore said...

Aren't these the same guys who picket the funerals of soldiers who die in the war?

I believe Fred Phelps is a disbarred lawyer. He is certainly a nutjob.

Cygnus said...

Yes, they are, Anita.

And I found out that Phelps and co. hate hate hate firefighters because they don't think enough people died on 9/11. *eyeroll*

Nutjob only begins to describe him. Sheesh.

ignorant redneck said...

This is what happens, when you combine oppositional-defiant disorder, with borderline personality disorder, television cameras and a ecclesial polity that renders each congregation a law unto itself.

Cygnus said...

Here's what happened, as far as we saw . . .

If the Westboros went to St. John's, they did so later, where a bagpipes player was waiting for them (that might keep EVERYone away! :-)). Instead, they hit All Saints, standing across the street on the grounds of City Hall.

A crowd of about 50 to 100 homosexual activists surrounded their signs with cardboard and played percussion so you couldn't hear what they were saying. All Saints also obliged by ringing its church bells. The pastor stood quietly on the steps watching it all.

LC and I chalk it up as a non-event.