Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wait 'till next year!

We would like to thank the Baltimore Ravens for their participation in the 2007 NFL season.

They managed one offensive touchdown this week, courtesy of Willis McGahee in his former home stadium, but the defense didn't come up big enough, the offense sputtered, too many passes were dropped, Billick made questionable play calls, and too many penalty flags were thrown at the Ravens.

They lose to Buffalo, 19-14, and fall to 4-3. Kyle Boller actually had a pretty decent game.

The Ravens are on bye next Sunday, and I think they'll find a way to get called for 8 penalties for 93 yards nonetheless.

Here's the rest of the schedule, with my predictions:

Nov 5, at Picksburgh Monday night: Loss.
Nov 11, vs. Cincinnati: Win, but a loss wouldn't be impossible.
Nov 18, vs. Cleveland: Loss.
Nov 25, at Sandy Eggo: Loss.
Dec 3, vs. New England Monday night: Loss.
Dec 9, vs. Indianapolis Sunday night: Loss.
Dec 16, vs. Miami: Win.
Dec 23, at Seattle: Loss.
Dec 30, vs. Picksburgh: Loss.

That would make 6-10. I can't see them turning four of those losses into wins to go 10-6 instead. But it ain't gonna happen; the Ravens will be watching this year's playoffs from the comfort of their homes.

And have I said lately that Billick must go?