Friday, October 19, 2007

Niagara/Canada Pictures!

The ones we were able to salvage, anyway. Some of the wedding ones were taken by my new sister-in-law's friend Danielle, and a couple by my widdle seester.

At the rehearsal dinner in Buffalo, I'm showing everyone my "bionic arm," including LC.

Before the wedding, my Uncle Gene models the socks I bought for him at Family Dollar earlier that morning. If you access the pay-per-view section of my blog, you can see me model the undershirt that I bought.

Colleen was--and is--a beautiful bride.

Thom is all hers now, and vice versa. How he talked her into joining *our* family, we'll never know.
Bigbro's Angels! Plus their cousin, my sister's girl (standing directly behind Bigbro's youngest). A little fun while all the other wedding pics were being taken.

I can think of worse places to have a reception than Top Of The Falls Restaurant, where you get views like this:

The fifth time my mom and dad have entered one of their offspring's wedding receptions, and the first since Ladycub and I tied the knot 12 years ago.

My youngest brother (and best man) gives Thom and Colleen a lengthy, but hilarious, toast.

Mom joins her granddaughters in a "New York, New York" chorus line.

The happy couple.
He's so stylish.

Another pretty happy couple, although I wasn't smiling for some reason.

Sadly, the pictures of us from the Maid of the Mist really didn't turn out well enough to post. :-( Here, however, is Bigbro and his blue-clad brood, whom we joined on MotM:

On to Canada, eh?

The resplendent Seana, with that infectious Mary Lou Retton smile. The three of us spent four hours together over dinner.
The three of us, as best as I can make it.

How can you visit Toronto for the first time and not visit the CN Tower?

The view of SkyDome the Rogers Centre from the CN Tower.

Looking out to the island airport.
That semicircular building is a brewery.

LC's feet on the glass deck, 1100 feet above the ground.

Either that's my silhouette on the glass deck, or the aquarium has some strange new shark.
This amusement game at the base of the tower has a sign, "LOONIES ONLY." At least I'm qualified to play it.

The Torono (as the natives say it) skyline from the water.

Among the islands, I got to commune with a few Cygni.

I guess that's a reviewing stand of some sort, or perhaps races get held on the water there. Has almost a Florida feel to it.

I like this shot of us. Thanks to the Chinese guy who took it! We took his photo also.

BYoffer and I. He didn't want a shot in front of his office building for anonymity's sake, so we had it taken in front of this tractor-trailer instead.

At the famous (to Rush fans) corner of Danforth and Pape in Toronto's colorful Greektown.

There must be 50 ways to leave your lover a few billion photos of Niagara Falls out there. Make it a few billion and five. These are from the more scenic and more visited Can'tadian side.

And a view of what the falls look like from behind:

That's enough for now; hope you liked them!


BigBro said...

My vote is that it is a shark. A Hammerhead. (You left that one wide open)

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Excellent pics--thanks for posting.

Puffy said...

Great pics! I don't think I've seen one of Seana before.

Cygnus said...

I'm waiting for the Cease and Desist order she's gonna serve me. (She? Is a doll.)