Monday, October 15, 2007

Majoring In Dr. Ruth

So Hood (motto: "We put the 'liberal' in 'liberal arts'") College has a student sex columnist, Mal Lamont. Oh, joy.

"Sex with Mal" — no, it's not an invitation — has been running in The Blue and Grey Today since March.

Lamont has used her space on the paper's editorial page to broach topics including pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infections and rape.

In what she calls the "racy one," published in April, Lamont explained how to find a woman's G-spot — believed by some to be a myth cooked up on the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine.

"My goal is ultimately to educate people, to give them honest straightforward answers," she said. "... I don't try to make it anything more than honest answers because I've met a lot of people who are afraid to ask questions."

(usual disclaimer: the article link may become inactive. The school paper has a website, but I couldn't access it.)

Lamont goes on to ask, "I don't understand why we can't talk about it." Um, do you realize that there was a time when people didn't talk about it? You might say that was a "repressed" time, and I'm sure hanky-panky did in fact go on, but the difference was that it wasn't encouraged like it is now. Someone try to tell me that Sex Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace, With Anyone And With No Complications Or Consequences Whatsoever isn't encouraged now! Ah, what "do-me" feminism hath wrought. There's no mystery left to sex, mainly because it was ripped from the sole sanctuary of the marital bed long ago.

I'm also not naive enough to believe that sex doesn't go on in the dorms and elsewhere on college campi, and I certainly had my opportunities as an undergrad. But I knew that sex would complicate things and violate my moral and religious convictions, so I didn't do so, even if it hurt the feelings of the girl. Does Lamont think no Hood students are in such a position? Does she ever advocate the virtues of abstinence, chastity, and saving oneself for marriage? I doubt it, given what else she talks about.

Finally, as the article says, Lamont is hardly alone with her column, and I believe Loveline is still a popular show with young folks. Can Lamont write such a column? Of course. Should she? No way.

But there I go, using pejorative words like "should." I guess it's a far better thing to be promiscuous than judgmental.


Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

The college where I currently work has a sex column in their school paper as well.

The one thing that *has* improved since I was in college, though, is the increased awareness of the negative affects of drinking. About 10 years ago, we visited the college we graduated from and we both were shocked by the presence of MADD on campus. Seriously, it never would have happened when I was there.

So, there is *some* hope. For the rest, we have to rely on God's grace.

Anonymous said...

4hischurch-"So, there is *some* hope. For the rest, we have to rely on God's grace."

Amen to that. When all is said and done that is what we have to rely on.

I would love to find out how many folks after living such a lifestyle came to realize just how empty it was. Then through conversion of heart and God's Grace now see this.

By saying this I'm in no way supporting promiscuity and the like. God would most certaintly like to spare His children from the emptiness and damage of "free love". Human parents try do the same for their children, even more so does our Lord and loving Father. When some one sees the emptiness and pain of living in such a way God uses the opportunity to bring His children back to Him.

Let us pray for God's Grace to help those suffering and in pain from this kind of life style and may they come to experience it through His loving forgiveness.

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

I agree, Ladycub. Have you ever heard Fr. John Corapi's conversion story? Very inspiring.