Saturday, October 06, 2007

In The Street

There may well have been record crowds for this year's In The Street festival in downtown Frederick, which LC and I attended. After a cloudy and foggy morning, the skies cleared up and the temperatures shot up well into the 80s, much warmer than last year!

The city promised shuttles from Harry Grove Stadium and Frederick High School, but folks sat there waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting. It turns out that there may have been one shuttle running at all; some organizers told us that the other company contracted out to run the shuttles never showed up! So after driving to both the stadium and the school, and finding all the parking garages full, we decided to walk from the school through Baker Park to the festival.

We made our way to the newly revamped Carroll Creek and decided to take in Five Guys for lunch. (Actually, it was only the two of us.) Five Guys specializes in hamburgers and fries, and not much else. But they do such a great job with burgers and fries! It's not the sort of thing we can get all the time, but their burgers and fries are out of this world. And don't bother getting the large fries; they'll give you plenty of extras in the bag.

Once again, the skateboarders proved to be most interesting to watch. A number of the older ones tried to jump over a trash can at the end of a ramp and still land on their board. Several actually succeeded, including one boarder who was much taller than I. We also took in a bluegrass band for a while on one of the many music stages.

I found it ironic that Planned Parenthood planted their table right in front of Fifty-Four Roses -- a Catholic store. NARAL Pro-Choice (the group that's too ashamed to have the word "abortion" as part of its name anymore) was also well represented. Number of pro-life groups at the festival: 0. >:-(

As with the fair, the Democrats were much better organized than the Republicans; while there were plenty of Clinton and Obama stickers and buttons, the only ones the GOP was handing out were those of State Senate Minority Leader David Brinkley . . . who's not even up for re-election for another three years. Looks like the Republicans in this county have been taking their voters for granted, and they need an overhaul.

Even so, it was a great time and well worth all the walking off the fries that we did.

(Here's what I wrote about last year's festival.)