Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Evening With Colin And Brad

We laughed our akkek off last night with the nonstop improvised comedy of Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood at the Weinberg Center for the Arts. Their show consists of longer-form sketches that were often seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway, plus a few that weren't. And yes, the audience participates!

For example, one couple helped them move around as Belgian detectives, where the windows only go down instead of up. Another couple did a great job of using sound effects to turn them into a pair of incontinent (and incompetent) pirates. The audience also came up with Colin committing the Ultimate Crime: pinning insects to his wife and cleaning his hubcaps with a hamster using a club in Assateague (I doubt Brad knew that was a real place) but leaving behind his raspberry toupee. The folks on stage for the Change Lines game (they honked a horn when they wanted C&B to change the last thing they said) could have made them work a little harder. And it's too bad someone couldn't have vetted the audience suggestions for the "Whose Line" game into which C&B insert random lines as written by the audience into their skit.

The game "Torture" combined a number of Whose Line bits, including Questions Only, If You Know What I Mean, Scene to Rap, and Letter Substitution (K in place of S, hence "akkek").

And finally, two words. Mouse traps.

If you're a Whose Line fan, and you like improv comedy, see them. I just hope they don't get bored with carrying on the tradition anytime soon! Recommended for teens and up.


Em B said...

We got tosee Colin a while back when he came to our college campus. I adore him! I also adore improv.

dragonflies said...

We went to see Comedy Sportz for DD's birthday party. Also improv, which is lots of fun.

Puffy said...

Sounds fun. We have a Marie Callendar's restaurant that hosts comedy shows in the bar on the weekends. It's fun to see live comedy.

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy both Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood they look so cute and are so funny I wish i can see you guys again. you are good enough for me.

Cygnus said...

You're welcome, Anon.

Neither Colin Nor Brad