Friday, October 26, 2007

Cell Phone Deathwatch

My cell phone is on life support this evening.

It's been raining pretty much nonstop for the past few days, and when I left my office in Fashionable Downtown Silver Spring this morning, it was pouring especially hard. Not having brought an umbrella, I decided to run for it across Georgia Avenue.

I forgot that I had my cell phone clipped to my belt, and my running jarred the phone loose. I reached the other side and prepared to cross Wayne Avenue, but then a kindly soul waiting northbound at Georgia beeped her horn and pointed to my phone lying in the street and getting soaked. Of course, it took a couple beeps of her horn for me to realize what was really going on. I estimate the phone had been there for 20-30 seconds by the time I got back and picked it up. Good thing no vehicle ran it over while it was in the road!

Unfortunately, the phone must have gotten rather waterlogged, because it won't turn on properly. It looks like it's about to initialize, but then it shuts itself off. The battery isn't to blame; it's recharging okay. I'll leave the phone alone for a night and see whether it dries out enough to work.

The thing that would really stink? Losing my contact list. :-P

UPDATE 10/29: Verizon will replace the phone, which is still under warranty. Apparently it showed no signs of being waterlogged on the inside; there's a telltale dot that changes color when it becomes wet enough. But I have indeed lost all my phone numbers, so I'll be e-mailing some of you to get your numbers back (for crying out loud, don't post them here!).


Silvergirl said...

I killed a perfectly good StarTac a few years back by throwing it into a bag. I was in a hurry, and the bag contained some Orange Glow oily furniture polish. The bottle leaked (and I did make sure it was closed, but it leaked anyway), and the phone was saturated with oil. It messed up the contacts inside, and there was no saving it at all.

Maybe it will work once it's dried out.