Saturday, October 13, 2007

Boycotts and Conviction

I was reading through the Southwest Airlines blogs and comments (see link to the right) and saw where one commenter declared he would no longer fly Southwest because it had a link for Gay Travel. I must say that bothers me too, as homosexuality is not an acceptable lifestyle to me and I don't want to support it knowingly. But I LUV flying Southwest, and I was glad to see an employee have the courage to tell a skank that her skirt was too short, although SWA management eventually capitulated. And I also know full well that there probably isn't any airline which would dare not welcome homosexuals.

So which side wins out?

Some boycotts are pretty easy to do. I don't buy anything from Levi's or Eckerd, or support the Susan Komen Foundation, because of their support of abortion, and I have plenty of alternatives to them. I don't shop Wal-Mart because of their support of open borders, but that's been a little more difficult; most other stores (*cough*Target*cough*) don't have the prices or selection that Wal-Mart does.

But at what point does boycotting become an exercise in futility? I wonder whether, if I researched hard enough, I could find something about almost ANY company to boycott them over. Where would that leave me?

Thoughts to my philosophical dilemma?


Puffy said...

Cyg, I thought you might be interested in this:

Near me; 2 truckers died. Caused by driving in the RAIN. This was 15 hours ago; the freeway is still shut down. My exit is where people have to get off or get on. The freeway going over this tunnel may now be instable because of the fire so who knows when we can drive southbound into L.A.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested.

Cygnus said...

Yeah, it's been on the news here. Pretty hideous.

That Grapevine is a weird area, isn't it? Thanks for letting me know, and I hope you make it out somehow.

Puffy said...

This is south of the grapevine. It's near Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia. One trucker called his family from inside the tunnel to tell about the fire and he hasn't been heard from or seen since then. The stories coming out of this are amazing.

The highway patrol is opening one side street to southbound traffic only and another side street to northbound traffic only. Unfortunately, there aren't many alternate routes unless you want to go 50-100 miles out of your way.

We just got home; no electricty in half of our neighborhood.

Em B said...

I whacked you on my blog, but I decided to come over here and *whack* you as well. :)

ignorant redneck said...


Being a crusty, right wing hippy, I have long since decided that it is almost impossible to participate in the modern, global economic system without in some way supporting or participating in evil.

My solution is to buy as little as possible, to buy used from non-corporate vendors, and to keep my material culture simple.

Well, as simple as possible.

If I buy say, a new pair of pants, I tend to buy it from a either a local, non chain outlet, or from a chain that is known for haveing a naturally conservative clientel (Like Bass Pro Sgop Outdoor World).
If I can buy something used, then even better.

Of course, I don't actually have to worry about keeping up with fashion, because I'm 1) retired (at 48 Yippie!) and 2) a redneck.

having rejected the idea that I was put here to consume the latest and greatest, I am a bit freeer than most.

Cygnus said...

Puffy: Wow. Just wow. I can't imagine. Sorry for your inconveniences!

IR: Maybe a little Luddite-ism is a good thing, and I certainly don't try to be Joe Consumer (heck, this computer is nearly seven years old!). I guess I needn't get wrapped around the axle about it.

Em: Ow!!! :-)