Thursday, October 25, 2007

Art (and Art) belong in the HoF

Almost as much of a joke as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (motto: "See the special Progressive/Art Rock wing 5 miles north and 30 feet down in Lake Erie") these days is its neighbor to the south, the Pro Football HoF in Canton. It's a traveshamockery that neither longtime Redskins great Art Monk nor Ravens minority owner Art Modell are enshrined therein.

I don't know why membership is being denied to Monk, the former wide receiver who left the game as the all-time leading pass catcher, and I'll let Skins fans carry that torch for him. But the reason why Art Modell is not in the HoF is simple: Cleveland still hasn't gotten over The Move. Never mind that their team name, colors, and history didn't leave.

I will accept Clevelanders' assertion that Modell and Robert ("If I had any intention of moving the $%##@*& team, I'd have told you") Irsay (guffaw) should go into the HoF at the same time . . . as soon as they can name even ONE good thing Irsay did for the game of football. Getting the NFL on TV, instituting Monday Night Football, making Ozzie Newsome the first black general manager ever (you Clevelanders gonna try to keep him out of the HoF too?) . . . it should be a slam-dunk for Modell.

But it's not, solely because Cleveland isn't over its self-righteous hissy-fit. We Ravens fans are over ours, although we would have loved nothing more than to beat the Indy Irsays last January.

So Cleveland, may you and your snit be very happy together. But Modell has a spot waiting for him in Canton, and you know it.