Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Nice Wedding

LC and I got to attend another wedding yesterday, this one of my cousin. He and I were very close as kids; we spent nights at each other's houses and saw a lot of each other (and our sibs) at the Northeast YMCA. We got to meet his gorgeous wife back at a pool party at his brother's house this past summer.

Some quick vignettes:

  • The wedding was a Catholic service officiated by my uncle, who also officiated for us although we had a complete Mass. He did a good, tactful job of announcing who could and could not receive the Eucharist.
  • During the Psalm response, a number of us cracked up when the cantor sung, "If today you SEE his voice . . . ." Many years ago, my aunt had gotten my cousins to perform the (quite theologically incorrect) Christmas tune "Do You Hear What I Hear?" on reel-to-reel tape to send to us in the UK. But she kept correcting them and getting them to start over again and sing . . ."Do You See What I Hear?" Then when she finally realized it, she went, "Oh, my Gawwwwd . . ."
  • My cousin performed the Tim McGraw song "Amazed" for his bride after the Eucharist. That got applause, as did the Gospel acclamation. We refrained, believing it inappropriate.
  • The reception hall allowed smoking. Somebody tell the state legislature.
  • The wedding favor was a little bell to ring to get the couple to kiss. Seemed like the kids used these more than anyone else.
  • I actually danced the Macarena, helped LC to do so, and my cousin Marcie got the whole thing on video. I offered her money to keep it off YouTube.
  • We also partook of the apron dance with the couple.
  • My mom brought cake to help celebrate LC's birthday, which is Monday.
  • LC has rarely looked lovelier. *swoon* *thud*

One other thing: After seeing my cousin and his bride do the garter bit, I neglected to mention that my brother Thom and his wife Colleen did not even have the bouquet or garter ceremony at their reception. Good for them. We had it, but we didn't make the couple do anything about putting the garter on; instead, we had them dance with each other. Each would up married within a couple years.


arkie said...

What is the Eucharist?

My friend who killed herself last month was Catholic. I had never been inside a Catholic church before her funeral. They gave communion during the funeral, but I didn't think that it would be considered correct for the non-Catholics to participate. But that was also when the mourners passed by the casket as a final goodbye, so I didn't get to have that moment.
Was I correct in not going for communion?

Cygnus said...

Hi, Arkie! Good to see you here. *smooch* And I love the Sopwith Camel icon!

Good question, and one that is often misunderstood, even (especially?) by Catholics.

The Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, which the offering of bread and wine become when the priest (and only a priest) asks the Holy Spirit to transform it during the Eucharistic Prayer. This is known as "transsubstantiation," in which the Body and Blood retain their apparent form as bread and wine, but as Jesus commanded at the Last Supper, we are to eat of His Body and drink of His Most Precious Blood. Therefore, the bread and wine become the Real Presence of Jesus' Body and Blood. How it is transformed is a mystery.

This differentiates Catholicism from other denominations, which see the bread and wine as merely symbols of the Body and Blood. Sadly, however, over a third of Catholics (!) do not believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Body and Blood; since Vatican II in the 1960s, catechesis has been downplayed in the Catholic Church.

For much more on the subject, click here.

You did the right thing by not receiving. It's not that we Catholics necessarily want to be exclusive, but reception of the Eucharist in Holy Communion is a sign of the unity of those who believe as we do. For non-Catholics to receive would imply that such unity goes beyond the Catholic Church, which it does not, and for which we must pray.

You may, however, go up with your arms crossed and receive a blessing from the priest; perhaps this was not told you. The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion may do the same, but they're not supposed to.

A few weeks ago, I did not receive the Eucharist because I was in a state of mortal sin. I had to go to confession before I could receive again.

Are you sorry you asked? :-)

I'm very sorry to hear about your friend taking her life. Over on the board where several folks from the Starting Over forums have congregated (although most are still part of RTVW), we're consoling a member whose husband hanged himself.

Take a look around the Centerpiece; you're welcome to join if you like. Folks are really nice there, although we will sometimes disagree (gasp!).

Hope this helps!

Cygnus said...

Upon further review, the question as to whether non-Catholics can receive a blessing is a bit unclear. See this discussion on apologist Jimmy Akin's blog.

Karin said...


Mr. Akin might be unclear but the question of getting a blessing on the Communion line is really easly answered...
I have a few sources if your interested :)

Cygnus said...

Sure, Karin, I'll take them.

But the horse is long out of the barn on this one (see also: hand-holding during the Our Father). No one is going to stop anyone from giving blessings to those in the communicant line any more than anyone will mandate that hands will not be joined during the Our Father.

Karin said...

But the horse is long out of the barn on this one (see also: hand-holding during the Our Father). No one is going to stop anyone from giving blessings to those in the communicant line any more than anyone will mandate that hands will not be joined during the Our Father.

Sad isnt it!
I hate the hand holding and I really hate when people attempt to mimic the priest when they hold their hands in the oran position (UGH!)
Why people have to add things to the Mass I will never understand.

I have to say as a side note though that I am very happy that my church is not one of those "slappy happy clappy" ones were "anything" goes!!!!!