Friday, September 14, 2007

Way To Go, Southwest!

Southwest Airlines Communications Director Brian Lusk, you have nothing to apologize for in the issue of a flight attendant asking a skank to cover up her legs. This passenger is a gold-digger, and I applaud Southwest for standing up for modesty and decency. If she didn't want attention, why did she wear the same outfit on the flight back? As the Today show producer put it:

But when she sat down, we learned just how short that skirt was -- when she flashed our national television audience. Yeah, that skirt was short.
All these people complaining? Southwest doesn't need them as customers anyway.

UPDATE: Southwest is apologizing, in a way. But if I were "Keith," I'd be updating my resume.

And decide for yourself if calling this woman a "skank" is too much. (There are other photos, but that? Is the most tasteful one, for what that's worth.)


Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

I've been horrified at the places where some women think that short-short-short skirts (not to mention cleavage) are appropriate. There are times when I wish churches and colleges had the bravery to call them on it.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Although I agree she should have worn more appropriate clothing for her flight, she stated in the interview on the Today show that she only had 2 hours while in Tucson, to go to the Dr's appt and back to the airport. So.. she really didn't have time to get something else to wear.

But I was wondering if it was the same attendant on a Tucson/Burbank flight that asked another young lady (note that I didn't say bimbo) to cover up as well.

Not much to say for the AZ connections here. But sheesh, it IS hot still... something like 107 today.

Cygnus said...

I hear you, Amy, but I think a better question is why she should wear something like that at all. And no, I'm not advocating burqas, for crying out loud.

I used to work with a young lady who has repeatedly delighted in wearing similar skirts and allowing folks to see London, France, and other of her geographic entities. Enough is enough, and I'm glad someone, somewhere has the guts to draw the line.

You don't have to tell me about AZ heat; when we came out for my niece's First Holy Communion in early May 2005, the temperature was already over 100 (40 to Can'tadians).

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

It seems we can expect May and Sept to be summer now, and sometimes into October... have to remind self it is for the cooler months that we live her.

Yes, I agree, modesty is a much better policy!