Saturday, September 22, 2007

Say it's not so, Puffy!

Yes, our radio and TV stations go nutzoid upon snows and rumors of snows here in the Mid-Atlantic. And the reason is simple: Weather has become the real moneymaker/ratings grabber for newscasts, especially on TV.

But in Southern California, I can't believe the reaction to rain. At the end of Big Ben Maller's overnight sports talk show on Fox Sports Radio (which isn't a Fox company, BTW, but is run by Clear Channel), Karen Kay announced that the Southland was "on Stormwatch." Just because of rain! I know, as the old cheesy song goes, "it never rains in Southern California," but . . . it's just rain!

The first time I visited SoCal was 10 years ago this month, and the guy who picked me up from the Burbank (now Bob Hope) airport kept apologizing profusely for the rain, the first day it had done so in the previous 222. I did notice that, just as when the first vague flurry hits here, everybody just slowed down and completely forgot how to drive. (Or did they? I've done L.A. traffic reports before.)

So who's worse: SoCalians with rain, or us in the East with snow/flurries?


Puffy said...

Cyg-Angelenos do not know how to drive in the rain. First of all, the roads are slippery with the first rain of the season and we continue to drive 65 mph. Windshield wipers are old and cracked and don't work well because we rarely use them.

Appointments are cancelled and Breaking News on TV tells all about the floods and road closures. Drains in some towns do not control the water so streets become a river. Charts of rain are shown on TV:
.5 inch in town A
.2 inch in town B
.8 inch in town C

Cygnus said...

Oh, no, Puffy, it's worse than I thought! But do check back with me in December when Snow Panic once again envelops our region!

(I can't imagine what would happen if the valleys west of Big Bear, etc. ever got a real snowfall!)

Karin said...

I have some to the conclusion that chicks in trucks, the elderly and anybody else that normally cant drive on dry roads should stay off the roads and in their homes when it snows!

The best place, imho to learn to drive in the snow is MT...or if you have the $$ Germany!

dragonflies said...

All you east and west coasters and your worrys over weather. Try driving to work in a WI snowstorm.

Puffy said...

From yesterday's headline:


A Canadian storm that swept into the area dumped 1.18 inches of rain over the weekend during the strongest September tempest to hit the area since 1983.

Records that date back to 1939 show that the .69 ionches received on Friday alone trumped the previous record of .06 in 1983.

The rainfall made the roads slick for local drivers, leading to 46 traffic collisions over the weekend, three times the average.

The rainfall was blamed for a hillside collapse, trapping as many as a dozen cars.

Cygnus said...

Well, an inch *is* a lot of rain, no matter where it is. We could use an inch or so, and we'll finally get some tomorrow.