Sunday, September 30, 2007

Prepare to Panic

I haven't posted much about the Ravens so far this season, but it's become quite obvious that they are not playing like a team that has any intention of going to the playoffs. Having been humbled by former RB Jamal Lewis and the Browns today to the tune of 27-13, the boys in purple fall to 2-2, and a shocking 0-2 in the AFC North. And really, the Ravens are thisclose to being 0-4.

A few things have become obvious:

  • Nobody fears our defensive backs anymore.
  • The offense has been anemic in the second halves of games, although this week they weren't any better in the first half either. They owned the second half last season.
  • Brian Billick's play-calling has been rather questionable all year.
  • Steve McNair is officially in the twilight of his career.

Let the finger-pointing continue.


dragonflies said...

A good friend of mine has the Raven's defense in his Fantasy Football league. Bwahahahahaha!