Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm Lovettsville-ing It

First, a thank you to all who offered prayers for me. I felt God carrying me through these tough times, and saving me from myself. God bless you all.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous fall day to do just about anything outside. With LC away on a retreat, I looked for something to do that would be enjoyable and good for me. I decided to return to my on-again, off-again hobby of volksmarching. There were no events scheduled today in Maryland or south central Pennsylvania, but there turned out to be a walk in Lovettsville, VA. The small town of Lovettsville is located just a couple miles across the Potomac River from Brunswick, MD in the upper portion of Loudoun County, one of the fastest-growing and wealthiest counties in the nation. There was a new traffic pattern through the center of town that I had to negotiate before finding the start point.

This was the first special-event walk I had done in quite some time. While I enjoy doing the year-round walks, it's also nice to partake of a volksmarch with other people. The walk was mostly on unpaved country roads on the western edge of Lovettsville, and for much of it there was hardly any other traffic on the road. Boy Scouts manned the three checkpoints, but I later encountered another inadvertent checkpoint in the form of a slow squirrel crossing the road . . . which turned out to be a skunk. I let him have as much of the road as he wanted.

Eleven kilometers (nearly 7 miles) later, the walk finished up in the middle of the town's Oktoberfest, complete with vendors, politicos, an oompah band, and organ grinder, and a huge used book and tape sale. One lady clad in a Rhineland dress did the walk with her husband and kids.

Oh, I had a near-catastrophe at the beginning when the pen I pulled out of my pocket decided to explode. I think I used half a bottle of hand sanitizer in trying to clean all the ink off.

Good to be out walking again. I must do this more often.


ignorant redneck said...

hey Cygnus!

I havn't been on a volksmarch since I left Germany in 87!

I wish folks here abouts did them too!