Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Know A Lottery Winner

I have met Dundalk's own Bunky Bartlett a number of times, and often lunched with a group that included his wife. We're also on an informal e-mail list of geeks and loonies. Anyway, Bunky is now more than $30 million richer after taxes and the lump-sum payout from the Maryland Lottery.

I couldn't be happier for "The Bunky" (as one of us has tagged him) and his family, devotees of Wicca all.

And no, I haven't asked him for anything. Yet. ;-)

Here's all of Bunky's comments, unedited.

(Actually, he's the second lottery winner I've known. The first was the senior computer systems officer on my watch team, who resigned after his wife captured a measly $9 million.)