Thursday, September 06, 2007


1. I'll be gone for several days, so if you submit a comment, it may take that long for it to appear.

2. I made a decision to remove my links to the Catholic Answers Forums. For the most part, it seems like a good bunch of people, but I've never really felt at home there and just wasn't enjoying it anymore. Maybe I'm getting disillusioned by online communities, and it could be that God wants me to get more involved in the Real World. Coupled with the fact that CAF is threatened with closure for financial reasons, I felt the time was right to sever my ties with it

That, of course, is no reflection on those of you (hi Dymphna) I've met through CAF who find your way here, and vice versa.


Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Hi, Cyg. I'm sorry you're having difficulties with CAF. I would hate to see it close, but I can understand your feeling called to "real life". For me, I admit that online communities of various types are what keeps me feeling..."plugged in"...excuse the pun.

But anyway, I'm glad I met you and re-met LadyCub. Take care.

Mom2BJM said...

Are you back yet?? It had better be someplace fun that you have gone!

Cygnus said...

Mom2: I'm back now, and it was fun! Details and pics to follow in good time.

Dymphna: I look forward to meeting you and hubby face to face very soon.

dragonflies said...

Well, when are we gonna see that update? Huh?

AquinaSavio: said...

Yeah...I just wasn't enjoying CAF any more either. I still love most of the people, but it was just becoming stressful to see all of the bickering.

By the way, Cygnus...did you see that your blog was banned by the Spirit of Vatican II Society?

*High five* :P

Cygnus said...

Oh, really? I'm flattered, I guess! But if they ban me, what on earth will they think of yours?

You're right, Trevor, nothing against the folks on CAF. But I also felt that in some ways I wasn't allowed to express myself, esp. on the news forums.