Sunday, August 26, 2007

Things I dislike and would like about Mass

(Yes, this is a Catholic post. For my non-Catholic friends, I offer up this Swedish Chef clip.)

So I try to segue from that to . . .

Things I can do without at Mass:

  • Talking before Mass, and excessive talking afterward in consideration of those who would like to stay and pray (not NO talking, but be reasonable)
  • Ultra-traditionalists who think coming to Mass has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else present, i.e. no sense of community
  • On the other hand, the liberal idea that we come just to feel good about ourselves and share a meal (or "get a cookie"), not the Body and Blood of Christ
  • Most Oregon Catholic Press or GIA music, especially anything by Marty Haugen and David Haas, Tom Conry, Dan Schutte, Carey Landry, etc.
  • The Gospel Alleluia accompanied by hand gestures/sign language
  • Raising or joining hands during the Our Father
  • Lectors who obviously did not prepare to read God's Word (it's not like reading the phone book, folks) or who race through the readings (what plane do you have to catch?)
  • People (and even priests) who remove every masculine reference in the prayers ("For us men and for our salvation . . .", " . . . for the praise and glory of His name . . .")
Hymns that should be barred from Mass forever (an incomplete list, and I won't sing most of these):
  • Sing A New Church
  • Anthem (as I've said before, Rush's "Anthem" -- a tribute to objectivist writer Ayn Rand -- is probably closer to doctrinal correctness!)
  • Ashes
  • Be Not Afraid
  • Gather Us In
  • City of God
  • Lord of the Dance
  • Breathe (sorry, Dymphna)
  • Haugen's "Mass of Creation"
  • Gift of Finest Wheat (which was thrust upon me in elementary school)
I echo the sentiments of George Weigel.

Hymns I'd like to hear again at Mass (music accompanies many of these links):
And here's an interesting article about how singing the Gloria with a refrain is a relatively recent phenomenon, and really violates the spirit of the prayer. I did not know that!


4HisChurch said...

*Sigh*. Its ok! I realize that Breathe is not a Catholic hymn...
But I do agree with you on the rest!

As a cantor, I often sing the traditional lyrics for hymns, but I admit to not being 100% consistent about it. I love Pange Lingua! I try to work that in (often as a "meditation hymn" because I don't know if anyone would sing the Latin...) during Lent.

Unfortunately, my memory of Where Charity and Love Prevail is that I learned it right after all the changes of Vatican II came to my parish (I was about 7), so it has a negative connotation for me because of that.

Oh, I read somewhere that they are doing away with "men" in "for us men" when they have the new translation. Do you know if that is true?