Monday, August 06, 2007

Mixed-Race Dating and Marriage

I've always been fascinated by the topic of mixed black and white relationships, strictly from a sociological standpoint. It's been brought to the fore by this article highlighting the increased willingness of black women to date outside their race.

I have seen quite a few black women with white men here of late, not least of all one of my best friends who married a black teacher, and now they have a daughter of their own (she has a son from a prior marriage that has been annulled). Also, a co-worker of mine introduced me to his black girlfriend, and the "young married couple" on our Engaged Encounter retreat was a white man and his gorgeous black wife who worked as a model (not hard to see why!).

The closest I had to a girlfriend in college was a black girl named Mia, and I toyed with the idea of dating another one, but got cold feet. So you can see I don't have a problem with interracial dating. But it still interests me that despite all this, the ratio of these relationships is still 75% to 25% black male -- white female. And I don't have a problem with that either; one couple that we still try to keep in touch with from our old neighborhood is a black male nurse and his wife of Italian extraction. Finally, one thing I didn't like about my last girlfriend before LC was the fact that she was fundamentally opposed to any mixed-race dating, saying it was not Christian. I couldn't disagree more; there may be many reasons why a couple shouldn't be married, but race alone isn't one of them.

I've always wondered why the ratio is so skewed toward black male -- white female. Apparently it's a status thing for many of the men, or it's at least seen as such. One white woman who has a black husband says many white women see black men as their social equals. Again, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with white women dating or marrying black men, but I'm just wondering why so many white women go for black men. Any thoughts?

Finally, I wonder when, with all the immigration (legal and illegal) of Latinos into this country, more interracial relationships will occur there. And how much dating takes place between whites and Koreans, Filipinos, Japanese, etc.?

La Shawn Barber touches on this topic also.


Em B said...

I am glad other people share my distaste for Nancy Grace.

dating said...

A strong and healthy interracial relationship is always based on trust. Though there are some couples that can survive infidelity, most of them do not. Those that do are never the same, and the trust can never be retained.