Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Isn't This Supposed To Be On My Knee?

Goodbye, palm-to-elbow cast on my right arm.

Hello, elbow brace, similar in appearance to this:
(That's obviously me after Weight Watchers.)

It looks a lot more like a knee brace. I call it my Instant Conversation Piece; someone stopped me as I was going into Target the other night and asked me about it. He'd broken his forearm before.

At least I can move my arm and hand, and typing is now much easier. But my surgeon doesn't want me moving my forearm from side to side; guess the elbow isn't ready for that yet. And I'll have my umpteenth physical therapy evaluation on Thursday.

My forearm and elbow areas have gross-looking bruises. And there were 18 stitches, not 16! They were delicately removed one by one.

And so it goes.


Mom2BJM said...

And you lost a few years along with a few pounds eh??