Monday, August 06, 2007

Girls Gone Mild

I so need to read this book, Girls Gone Mild by Wendy Shalit. The anti-skank revolt is one of the most under-reported stories in modern culture today. I look forward to a day when not every young woman has to shoehorn herself into tops and pants that are a couple sizes too small. Please, ladies, leave a little something to my imagination. I consider modesty attractive, more so as I grow older. And I've always appreciated my wife's modesty.

Here's a great quote from reviewer Cheryl Miller (not the former USC basketball player, I take it):

The so-called "do-me" feminists "use it to indicate that they want to fight the very notion of being dignified at all." But in their rush to abandon the old models of "dignified" femininity in favor of "bad girl" liberation, the sex-positive feminists actually limited the roles available to women. Feminists used to complain about the "Madonna-Whore" dichotomy, but now the only Madonna girls have to emulate is the cone-brassiered pop star who is merely like a virgin.
I'm so done with "do-me" feminism (great term!). Do these women get their marching orders from "Sex and the City"? Keep telling yourselves there are no consequences to sex outside of marriage. Same goes for men, who have now been conditioned to expect sex from women whenever they ask (and, I should add, to ask for it early and often).

Although I no longer link to it, check out the Modestly Yours blog from a collection of women from different backgrounds who are united by the laudable quest for modesty, one of whom is Wendy Shalit.


Anita Moore said...

The "do me" feminists sure do have a lot to answer for. Women have cast away our mystique (or should I say, we younger generations had it cast away for us by our elders), and what a whirlwind we are now reaping.

One of the reasons I wear a mantilla to church is to try, in a tiny way, to make reparation for "do me" feminism."