Thursday, July 05, 2007

What's the big deal about contraception?

Oh, just STDs, abortion, "single" motherhood, etc. Nothing important.

And I was in the 15-18% minority here:

The results of a recent CDC survey reveal that approximately 96 percent of adults aged 20-59 have had ever had sex. Of all those surveyed, almost 82 percent had sex before or at 20 years of age. Of those who ever had sex, approximately 85 percent did so before or at age 20 - most of which was premarital. (An earlier Guttmacher study found that by age 20, 77 percent of respondents had sex, and 75 percent had premarital sex.)

The numbers are even higher for the younger subgroup - approximately 91 percent of those aged 20-29 had sex, and 91 percent of them had it by or at age 20.

This isn't surprising in a culture that promotes hook ups, cohabitation, contraception, and abortion. What is surprising is that 100 percent of adults haven't had sex by age 20.

Some might argue that there isn't anything wrong here, that this is normal and healthy behavior.

The problem with that argument is that this behavior is not healthy - it results in disease transmission, demand for abortion, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, broken hearts, and unhappiness.

Read the whole thing. It shows why we Catholics aren't opposed to contraception because we don't want anyone to have fun. We're opposed to it because God knew unmarried people couldn't handle the intimacy of sex that is reserved for the Sacrament of Marriage, and because it just. doesn't. work.