Friday, July 06, 2007

Thank you, Lord. That? Was close.

Whoever is the patron saint of auto parts, he intervened on my behalf tonight.

I was driving to a shopping center in Greenbelt to get dinner, but I noticed that the Cygmobile was very hesitant and sluggish. After shutting off the air conditioner, I then figured that the spark plug wires might be to blame (the same ones I replaced earlier). They could have become unseated from the plug or from the distributor cap.

Indeed, the wires had come out of the plastic spacer that holds them together and were starting to be fried on the engine block, which accounted for the sputtering. At any time, I could have had a Cygmobile-becue. Fortunately, there was an auto parts store in the same shopping center, and I got a set of better wires (the kind I should have gotten in the first place) and, after some trial and error installing them, got the car running safely again.

Whew. Thank you, Lord.


Mom2BJM said...

Aren't Car-be-que's fun? Not!

We saw one, a first for the kids, when we were going to get Mark from work tonight! A lovely truck on the Rural Road exit was toast!

Kids thought it pretty neat, but I'm sure the driver of the FoundOnRoadDead didn't think so..

4HisChurch said...

Wow, I'm glad that pic wasn't of your car! About 25 years ago my 69 bug stopped dead in its tracks. I had to walk (fairly far) home in the rural, St. Mary's county darkness. Dh looked at it and realized that two things had occurred.

1. The gas line was leaking gas all over the engine.

2. The coil wire had spontaneously come off and the car had stopped.

If the coil wire had worked properly, the car would have caught on fire.

Angels were watching over me that night.

Em B said...

Glad you are still alive an' kickin'!