Monday, July 30, 2007

A Spirit With A Vision . . . Is A Dream With A Mission

Kudos to my friends' eldest son Michael, who is leading a missionary team from my parish to Tanzania later this week. Most of their time will be spent taking care of youngsters and infants in an orphanage. He, by the way, is the same son who accompanied his mom to Liberia to collect his newly adopted brother, Gabriel.

I wouldn't be surprised if Michael is considering a life in the priesthood or similar religious vocation. Of course, this would crush the hearts of many a teenage girl, with whom Michael is quite popular; like his dad, he's a good-looking guy.

I'm a bit jealous of Michael, because I never really got to go away for missionary work, even here in the States. I wanted to go to New Orleans last year and help rebuild, but I couldn't afford the airfare. The teens from our parish usually go to Appalachia every year.

Part of that was because my High School (Christian) Group really didn't believe in such things, and neither did University Christian Outreach (where I met Michael's mom, on whom I had a major crush; and his dad, who obviously had even more of one). Those groups were way too introspective, just like the covenant community that sponsored them.

Now I do recall working with inner city kids for my high school service project, tutoring them and otherwise helping them to stay out of trouble. I remember playing basketball with them, and even before there was a Michael Jordan, they all thought they were his Second Coming, running down the court shouting encouraging things like, "I got something for your FACE!" Later on, I much preferred playing basketball with the kids from my friend's church in the city than with the men from my covenant community. The kids had fun; the guys took the game, like they did any athletic activity, WAY too seriously.

But maybe it's not too late for me to do some work like Michael's doing. It's not like there aren't any needs around.


Seana said...

If you'll forgive me here: You don't need to do something big. just do something. It would be nice to find the right something to match your skills and experience, but finding a need and filling it is the most important thing, I think. Perhaps finding the need and serving there for a while will help you see what other needs there are and how you can fit in.

You know, I was going to be a missionary to Haiti when I was a girl...