Thursday, July 05, 2007

On to more serious topics


How will you get THIS earworm out of your head? *evil laugh*

BTW, it appears the correct title for this song is "Ma na ma na." Steve Czaban uses it for his weekly "show within a show," "This might be a dumb question, but . . ." Also, it's been the bed for Kim Komando's "Tip for Komando Kids" section of her program.

BigBro: Show it to the girls. It won't corrupt them quite as much as Homestar. I promise.


Mom2BJM said...

This song?? is my ringtone.. I lvoe It!!

Bigbro said...

Lauren had already seen it and I'd heard it before. It's the six year old quoting Homestar bits that seems to be a bit much, though.

Cygnus said...

You gotta admit, it was pretty funny when she was running around saying "My most of me!" at age four.