Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Now could you give me my right arm back?

Health update:

At physical therapy today, I thought I was having a half nelson put on my injured right arm. The PT was trying to stretch the tendons that had been rendered weak by the surgeries on my elbow.

That. Hurt.

He said left untreated, my arm may have become untreatable. So I guess I'll have to get used to having it ripped out of my socket every so often.

At least I don't get quite as fatigued anymore, and I can ride a bike with a little pain in the right shoulder. But the PTs can't address the shoulder until the arm and elbow are back on the right track.

At the pool party I attended last week, I found out many of my relatives have been injured lately: my one cousin had her gall bladder removed; another had a boot on his foot because of plantar fascitis; and our hostess was limping. And my older sister is recovering from some surgery as well.


bigbro said...

It would seem that it stems from you getting old and hanging around people that are old. We got a couple of new Airmen in at work and I was in Korea when they were born. I'm old, too! Just my hearing's gone south.