Monday, June 25, 2007

Look who I found!

Many of you may not be familiar with the saga of Bruiser, Carmen, and Sanjana . . . the Inflatable Touring Bananas. You can kill a few hours get caught up at the Banana Blog. I haven't really been involved with this . . . until now.

When returning from Mass this morning, LC and I noticed something among the trash of my next door neighbor:

This must be Smedley, the uninflatable banana relative that doesn't get talked about much.

My neighbor is a teacher, and she apparently got this banana from a student who won it at a carnival. She didn't trust it because it was made in China and, as her husband put it, probably "filled with mercury" or something.

Smedley, we hardly knew ye.


Mom2BJM said...

So, did you take him home?

Cygnus said...

Naaah, I left him to his cruel fate.

Mom2BJM said...

abandoned along the side of the road... I'm sure he'll remember that, and you to all his other banana friends.