Sunday, June 24, 2007

It gets me through the day

Why there is no life on the FM dial: The Mix!

Of course, the local women's station only plays "Walking in Memphis" about 7 times a day.

Thank God for XM.


arkie said...

Ooooh! So the (point)3 is for the number of artists they can play.

At first I didn't realize this was a spoof (it *is* a spoof, right? this is *not* an actual commmercial that 98.3 put out, right?), but then I noticed they were only listing 3 artists. Of course, sometimes it seems that some stations DO only play that much of a variety.

Cygnus said...

And Cheap Channel would never end it by saying, "We own everything." Which they don't any longer; they're trying to sell off a lot of their small-market stations, including in my town.