Saturday, June 09, 2007

I Hate Red Light Cameras

They're unconstitutional (one cannot face one's accuser -- 6th Amendment), and they exist solely to raise revenue.

When they work.

And even when they DO work, they get so much compliance that they have to be discontinued because . . . they don't generate enough revenue. Or they cause more accidents, like rear-end collisions.

Yesterday in Baltimore, I saw someone get zapped on Mulberry Street at Greene. . . who wasn't even over the white line. I hope he or she can prove his or her innocence (what, no presumption of innocence?).

I will happily take any and all red light cameras to the nearest scrap metal facility, where they belong. (FTR, I have never gotten a ticket from a red light camera.)


4HisChurch said...

I agree. I am wondering when I'll get one. I won't even make a right turn on red out of my mom's development since I've noticed the camera there.

Em B said...

When my sister used to live in DC they had one at the intersection right by their apartment. At night, anytime it went off it would light up their apartment. They weren't so thrilled about it.

And thanks for the hug!