Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Going Postal

It's not just that the Postal Service raised the first-class stamp rates. It's how they're rooking people who have larger packages to send that has me riled up.

A couple weeks ago I sent a package to Sharnina. The employee at the downtown post office assured me that so-called "Priority Mail" was the way to go. It was . . . for the USPS. I paid much more than necessary for it to get there in "two or three days" because the guy said it had to be shipped that way.

As the late Phil Hartman would have said, "Beggull sheggit."

I would have saved a lot of money by sending the box via ordinary first class. And it wouldn't have taken A WEEK AND A HALF to get there!

So when I had a smaller package to send today, I went to the USPS postal rate calculator page, weighed the package here, and found that I only had to spend $1.31 for first-class, as opposed to more than $4 for Priority Mail that might get it there . . . whenever. I recommend you do the same.


bigbro said...

But the post office has now made it easy for you to make money. Buy "forever" stamps now and then sell them when they raise postage rates in the next couple of years. You'll be rich I tell ya, rich!

Em B said...

First ofall, by all means you can take my ketter and send it to anyone you want!
Second, I did the same thing with a package a while ago, got suckered into 'priority mail', as well, and it took almost two weeks to get to it's destination!

Cygnus said...

BB, we do have some of those "forever" stamps. Guess we'll have to hoard more of them before it costs more to get them in future!

Mom2BJM said...

I am in need of getting more forever stamps as well... only to put them away. I've been getting my girls to send cards and letters - I like the old fashioned-ness of it all! I love getting stuff in the mail!