Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Eight Random Things About Me

Having been tagged by Dragonflies, here goes:

  1. I attended the final Baltimore Colts game . . . and the first Baltimore Ravens game. I even went to a few games of the Baltimore CFL Colts/Stallions.
  2. When trying to interview former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich after his declaration to run for that office, I slipped and fell on the hill of his front yard.
  3. I do not like anything pineapple, and I eat almost nothing with mayonnaise.
  4. I actually like watching golf on TV. If I fall asleep, that's not a bad thing.
  5. When I was in 4th or 5th grade, I went with my family one Sunday in early December to visit some of the Smithsonian museums in DC. I had not yet finished my homework (I ALWAYS procrastinated with my homework!), but I was sure that school would be cancelled the next day because the weather was so bad and the forecast was for snow. Imagine my horror when I awoke the next morning to blue skies.
  6. My confirmation name is David.
  7. I was the house food man in three of the guys' houses that I lived in. I took the job in the first house because the guy who was supposed to do it . . . was never home. We awoke more than once to an empty refrigerator.
  8. I still like playing video games from the eighties. My favorites are Robotron, Battlezone, Gorf, Tempest, Vanguard, Black Widow, the original Mario Brothers, and Pengo.
I now tag Ladycub, Silvergirl, Em B, Scarlet, and Dymphna.


4HisChurch said...

Now that I've posted my 8 on my blog I remembered another one:

I went on the final trip for the number 8 street car out of Catonsville. My dad insisted we go for the historical significance of it.

dragonflies said...

I watch golf so that I can take a nap