Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You Can't Eat That!

So the People's Republic of Montgomery County (MoCo, Maryland) Council (a.k.a. the Pleasure Police) followed up its ban on smoking in public places by bravely saving its million or so residents from themselves by banning trans-fats in restaurants. Wonderful. Forget me coming to MoCo anytime for dinner out after January 1.

If I want to eat food that some self-important schmoe (who wouldn't dare be seen in a restaurant that I would go to!) has deemed no good for me, that's my right. It is not the prerogative of any government to tell me what I can or cannot eat, or if I'm a restaurant owner, what ingredients I can and cannot serve, especially when there are plenty of things worse for you than trans-fats! What's next, the MoCo Health Department getting Jay Santos and his Citizens' Auxiliary Police to monitor portion sizes among restaurant patrons and "move in" when portions don't "look right"? (Where have you gone, Phil Hendrie?)

It's sad to see the do-gooders like those in the MoCo County Council follow the lead of this twit, Michael Jacobson, the head of the Center for Science in the (so-called) Public Interest, whenever he wants to demonize something in the food industry (movie theater popcorn, Chinese food, Tex-Mex food, etc.). I'm especially amused by finding that

Jacobson will not tolerate any of his employees eating “bad” foods at work. CSPI’s in-house eating policy is so puritanical that Jacobson once planned to permanently remove the office coffee machine -- until one-third of his 60 staffers threatened to quit.
You want that kind of world, MoCo? You got it. Unanimously. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Great retort by Tom Knott.

UPDATE II: Great cartoon by Michael Ramirez, by way of John R. Lott. Click to enlarge:


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