Saturday, May 05, 2007

Weight Loss Update 5/5

Maybe I should go to the hospital more often.

I dropped another 4 pounds for the past couple weeks, making 19 pounds lost with WW, and 28 pounds from my top weight.

*happy dance*


bigbro said...

Welcome home. After your stay in the hospital, I guess we could call you a "Mighty Morphine Power Ranger"

Cygnus said...

They prescribed Happy Pills (Percoset) for me again, but I ain't takin' em unless absolutely necessary. I prefer feeling merely adequate, thanks!

Puffy said...

Whoa, I just read your TAR posts and boogied on over here. Sorry to hear about your hospital stay and all the associated problems. I hope you heal fast and I hope that it goes smoothly.

Cygnus said...

Thanks, Puffy! I'm just tired of being tired, but then again my body is fighting this infection and will need all the ammo it can get.